Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Quotes on Ryan Harrow

"I thought we made him (Harrow) work," Leib (Althoff, head coach) said. "He's a load. The only way to beat him is getting him off the bus with a bat or something. He's a good player.", December 30th

"According to Walton head coach Joe Goydish, opposing teams and fans are finding out about his star point guard.
"We played in a tournament in Tennessee over the weekend and we probably only brought about 20 [fans] with us," said Goydish. "By our last game in the tournament, there were probably four or five hundred people there mainly to watch him play. He's so fun to watch because he'll do something that will just make your jaw drop. Ryan loves to pass, and he really gets just as excited sometimes with great looks and feeds... he's made some unbelievable passes.
The kids love playing with him, and he's playing extremely well. He's come in and he's averaging right at 35 points a game and eight assists. He's finding his niche with the team... as far as working with Glen and some of the other kids that have been together all these years.""

- Pack Pride, December 12th

"On the other hand, Harrow showed exactly why Goydish called him 'one of the best in Georgia'. Harrow went on to score 30 points and had so many steals that I believe the JCPD is charging him with some sort of crime. His fluid shot, ball handling and quick moves captured the attention of everyone in the building, especially the Toppers Head Coach Ken Cutlip."
“Number 12 (Harrow), what a little waterbug,” said Cutlip, “he’s as quick as I’ve seen; I don’t know anybody that would want to bring the ball up against him.”", December 5th.


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