Sunday, May 31, 2009

Pangos: Day 2: Player Updates

Ryan Harrow #7, Mychal Parker #88, Luke Cothron #99, Quincy Miller #105
Sorry for the delay on the updates guys! It's crazy out here and we don't want you to miss a thing, which is why we barely had any time to post. Now that the camp has finished we are at the hotel and we'll be here all night bringing you the most complete coverage of Pangos that you'll find. Here is your Saturday game recap, player by player (we'll have stats later):

**The camp director switched the teams around after the first night and caused quite a stir. Ryan, Mychal, and Luke all were separated until day 3 when Ryan and Luke got to play together. The players were very disappointed. They understood that WPH came all the way in Cali to see them play together. However, all 3 were inseparable all weekend long and had some good things to say about NC State. (All of which you'll hear for yourself in the upcoming interviews.)

Ryan Harrow, 2010 NC State Commit, PG:
Ryan didn't have his best outing on Saturday as weekend after weekend of basketball may seem to be catching up with the 5 star NC State commit. Ryan was not as aggressive, but was also visibly frustrated at the style of game his team was playing. The game was completely run and gun and Ryan's team seemed to be the one with the most "wanna be" point guards. Ryan still got his (10 points), had a few highlights and still was one of the best guards on the court, but all in all this was not one of Ryan's better days. I was talking with Dave Telep who acknowledged that Ryan's legs looked tired and could certainly use a weekend off. That weekend off is something Ryan won't be getting anytime soon as he's scheduled to be playing all over the world in the next month (yes, I said world). Ryan will be soon heading over to France with the Adidas National Team.

Luke Cothron, NC State Recruit, PF/C
For us Saturday was Luke's coming out party. He is visibly stronger and more aggressive than we've seen him in the past. He was a monster in the paint all day long, making the opposing bigs look like children. He's starting to turn it up a notch and it's pretty apparent as you watch what used to be layups for Luke, now are aggressive dunks. Luke is really starting to learn how to use his size and get great position on the blocks. Although every now and then he gets complacent and goes up too soft, it's happening less and less. Numerous times Luke caught the ball on the block and imposed his will against anyone in his way. He was extremely effective on Friday night against a guy who many feel is the #1 player in the nation, Harrison Barnes. That play carried over to Saturday where Cothron started to demand the ball and finish on command as he went "and 1" crazy, finishing three old fashion 3 point plays. The more we see of Luke the more we see why he's such a top target for the Pack. He's been running the floor extremely well here at Pangos and turning a lot of heads at a camp that isn't usually too friendly to big men due to the up and down pace set by the nations elite guards. According to Luke, he has recently been working out with a personal trainer in order to build his body up for the next level and it's definitely starting to pay off.

Mychal Parker, 2010 Recruit, Wing:
Mychal finally decided to give us something on Saturday as he found a little aggressive streak in the afternoon. Parker can really do it all and just needs to bring it on a consistent basis if he wants to shoot up the rankings even higher. Mychal is a great, well spoken, and extremely funny kid who really fits better in a team first type atmosphere. Something that Pangos just doesn't offer. On Saturday we got to see a much more complete version of Mychal's game. He was a lot more physical when he brought it to the blocks but also was stepping out and popping a few silky jumpers for good measure. We especially liked to see him invite contact like he did when he drove the lane and attempted to throw down over top an opposing wing. Although he missed the dunk it was good to see that he has that inside him. He is very capable on the break and just has a really high ceiling. If he can get stronger and force the issue a bit more, there is no telling how good this kid could be.

Will Barton, 2010 Recruit, SG:
Although not 100% into it for the first game Saturday, Will continued his Pango's dominance in the night cap. This kid is probably the best prospect we've seen in the 2010 class. There's nothing he can't do. He's quick, shifty, athletic and can really stroke it from deep. Add to that, an incredibly charismatic personality and hard work, and you've got yourself the total package. He'll need to put on more weight to dominate, but he's college ready right now. On Saturday Barton was killing people with ankle buckling crossovers (which I know all too well), knifing drives to the basket and thunderous finished above the rim (often followed by a crazy eyed stare into the crowd). I don't care what any of the analysts say, and many may not agree, but Harrison Barnes (#1 overall player) is good, but he's not as good as Barton.

Dezmine Wells, 2011 Target, Guard:
You probably aren't too familiar with the 2011 guard from Word of God, but Dezmine Wells is out to change that. With an extremely solid effort at Bob Gibbons and a outstanding Saturday at Pangos, the scouts are starting to take a closer look at Wells. He's built like a linebacker but handles the ball like a point guard. On Saturday Dez was showcasing his athleticism with hard, aggressive drives to the hoop and thunderous finishes above the rim. There's not a kid in the 2011 class that has more of a college ready body than Wells, and he knows how to use it. He still hasn't honed his jumpshot, but when he does, there will be not one school out there that wouldn't love to have this kid in their back court. Throw in the fact that he let us know that he "really likes State" and Dezmine Wells certainly becomes one to watch. Often overshadowed by the plethora of talent at Word of God, Dez is way under the radar at this point and any school that comes calling is a smart one. A few scouts we talked to were really seeing Wells for the first time and were almost unanimously impressed.

Quincy Miller, 2011 Target, PF: (NEW NAME ALERT)
A 2011 prospect who very well could re-classify to become 2012 eligible (he's only 15) is not a brand new name on the scene but is one that is starting to build some buzz. Miller, from Winston-Salem, is a 6'9 forward who can do it all. A quick first step, solid moves in the post, an accurate jumper that extends to the 3 point line, and the ability to rise and flush on anyone that comes in his way. We are extremely high on Quincey, who we first saw at the Boo Williams tournament a few months ago. He is an absolute talent who will be holding offers from every big college in the nation and it just so happens that according to Quincy, NC State has shown some early interest. Miller will likely be a big time target for the Pack in the coming years so we wanted to give you the chance to get to know him now.

***We are currently working on the Day 2 video, as well as Day 3 Updates and video. We got a new "Where are they Now" that no Wolfpack fan will want to miss, as well as some "dunk session" video and tons of interviews. Stay tuned.

Pangos: Day 2: Ball Handling Drills

Yesterday afternoon before the games began there was another skill drill session in which they worked on ball handling. In this video you will see Ryan Harrow, Mychal Parker, Luke Cothron, Dezmine Wells and Will Barton doing single hand work, along with crossover drills in front and behind the back.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

PANGOS 2009: Day 1: Wolfpack Targets Highlight Reel


Ryan Harrow #7, Mychal Parker #88, Luke Cothron #99, Will Barton #69
In this camp players are split up into 12 teams and each team is given the team name of an ACC School. NC State commit Ryan Harrow and recruit Mychal Parker are both on Team Maryland. Unfortunately, Luke Cothron, who had told us he would be playing with Ryan and Mychal was placed on a different team. Luke arrived late due to transportation difficulties, which may be the reason for the team change. Either way, we will continue to cover all of them throughout the weekend along with some others.

Team Maryland (Harrow/Parker) is probably the most talented team at the camp sporting 3 top 30 players in Ryan, Mychal and 6'4 SG Andre Dawkins, who is committed to Duke and Terrence Jones a 4 star 6'8 PF. Unfortunately as we all know sometimes the most talented team isn't always victorious, and such was the case last night when they ran up against Melvin Tabb (Wake Forest), Ricky Scott (4 star SG), and rising star Pe'Shon Howard of Oak Hill. Team Maryland (Harrow/Parker) cut what was a 10 point lead, to five in the closing seconds as Harrow got hot, but an in and out 3 pointer from Ryan ended their comeback bid.

Ryan Harrrow: as usual played "consistently great" and had the crowd really starting to talk. Ever since he got that fifth star people began to watch him closer and realized what we all have known for quite some time. He is really on the verge of blowing up and we are very excited about it. Ryan ended with 11 points and around 4 assists, which is good considering that you only play about half the game and you are sharing the ball with Andre Dawkins and Terrence Jones, 2 guys that haven't seen a shot they didn't like. What really starting to stand out is Ryan's court vision. Ever since Dave Telep mentioned the need for Ryan to showcase his passing, it seems he's taken it to heart and making sure that everyone in the gym knows he can dish it. Harrow sees holes that don't even appear to be there and threads the needle with precision. Not many players out there can produce at the level this kid produces, but the fact that his production is so
consistent is what makes him really special.

Mychal Parker: Parker really impressed us. He's not flashy or isn't some sort of human highlight reel, but the kid can flat out play. He is the epitome of any all around player. He handles the ball much better than I expected, has a textbook jumper with great arc and rotation, and can finish in the paint. Mychal will need to work on his strength, but with a frame like his there is not much doubt that he will eventually fill out. Mychal finished with 4 points and never really got it going, but again, unless you are out there getting trigger happy, you're not going to put up a great deal of points in this event. Mychal is a team first type guy with a great sense of humor and a very high ceiling.

Luke Cothron: As we mentioned earlier, Luke arrived late and was placed on a different team, but that did not stop him from doing exactly what he does. Luke is an "And 1" machine. This guy is long, physical and relentless under the rim. What stands out the most with Luke is that he really knows his role. He has a nice jumper, but his game is surely more suited for the paint. He is a quiet, respectful kid on and off the court and although he works extremely hard for position on the blocks, he's not very vocal. In an event like this, if you don't ask for the ball, you don't get the ball. Regardless, Luke had around 10 points and a good deal of rebounds. We've seen Luke a lot and think he has the ceiling to be a top 10 kid in class. Working on strength and staying consistently aggressive will be the only 2 things this kid will need to work on. We like him a lot and this he'd surely be a big help to the Pack if he were to pick Raleigh.

Will Barton: Will is a straight up monster talent. There is just no other way to put it. This kid has some serious NBA potential. Although he's thin, he is as athletic as they come and has a juicy stroke from deep. Give him the ball and just let him work. He carries himself a lot like Julius Hodge on the court, but that is where the comparison ends. Our man Jules had no where near the rise of Barton, who is very deserving of that #1 shooting guard ranking he carries. Word around Barton is that he has a Kentucky lean, but he swears he's wide open. We'll catch up with him later and see what he has to say about that. Larry Harris has made contact on Barton and I say do whatever you can to land this kid because a talent like him is extremely rare to find.

Pangos: Saturday Schedule


Here is the camp schedule for Saturday, May 30th. We're about to head over to the gym and get to work. Today we'll be conducting interviews and getting more footage. We're in the process of uploading last nights games as we speak. Keep checking back for updates as we'll be doing our best to get them to you.

Saturday May 30, 2009

8:00am - 9:00am Breakfast at Hotel
9:00am-11:30am Free Time at Hotel
11:45am Shuttle departs hotel for Cabrillo HS
12:00pm-1:00pm Lunch @ Cabrillo HS
1:00pm - 3:00pm Instruction - Dave Miller (New Orleans Hornets assistant)
3:00pm - 4:00pm Camp Games (Round 2)
4:00pm - 5:00pm Camp Games (Round 2)
5:00pm - 6:00pm Dinner at Cabrillo HS
6:00pm - 6:30pm Recruiting Roundtable (Q&A with national scouts)
6:30pm - 7:30pm Camp games (Round 3)
7:30pm - 8:30pm Camp games (Round 3)
9:30pm - 12:00am Camp party at hotel
10:00pm -12:00am Media Reception @ Legends Sports Bar (Belmont Shore)

Pangos: Day 1 : Skill Drills Video

Pangos is not your run of the mill showcase camp. Before any games started, the players all met at mid-court for what was basically a pep talk on "getting recruited" by Dave Miller, who is a former New Orleans Hornets assistant. He spoke a lot about "stepping up" at events, and making a name for yourself. He also harped on effort and basketball IQ as being just as important as athletic ability. After the pep talk the players broke up in groups of 20 and participated in skill drills. Ryan and Mychal were grouped together, however Luke Cothron was running late and did not make it to this part of the camp.

1) Dribbling Drills
The first few drills were dribbling drills. The players were given two balls and told to dribble them in sync while keeping it low, and staying under control. As they did this they had a coach in their face, pushing them to get it right. It surprised me how difficult this was for some players. It really stood out to me the number of kids who could not keep a controlled dribble with their left hand. Ryan, as usual, looked comfortable with the ball in his hands, but the real surprise for me was Mychal Parker. Parker really does have a guards handles in a forwards body. Take a look at what we mean:

2) Defensive Drills
I was really excited to see a knowledgeable coach really harp on the importance of defense and defensive positioning to these kids. The first thing they were taught was "getting in the passing lane," followed by how to properly close out on a shooter. All of the Pack recruits were working hard, and really pushing themselves in front of a lot of media and peers. The coaches really were looking for effort, staying low in a defensive stance and seeing man and ball.

**Video from the first round of games is being edited and uploaded this afternoon.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Wolfpack Hoops: Live on Location @ Pangos

After seven hours in the air and 4o minutes on the road, we have finally arrived in Long Beach, CA. After all the confusion of connecting planes in DC and Chicago, we landed at LAX at about 11:50am west coast time. We apologize for not posting and updating you sooner, but we were banking on free Wi-Fi in the airports, which we now know, does not exist. We're staying close to the Long Beach airport, about 7 minutes from downtown and around 5 minutes from Cabrillo High School, where Pangos is being held. We are going to take a short time to rest before heading over to Cabrillo to check things out. At that point we'll be letting you know the rosters as well as the schedule of when our guys are playing. Here is the itinerary that the players are following:

The tentative 2009 Camp Schedule is as follows:

Friday May 29, 2009 (West Coast Time)

2:00pm - 5:00pm Out-of-area campers check-in at Westin Long Beach

5:00pm - 6:00pm Dinner at Hotel

6:00pm Shuttle departs hotel for Cabrillo HS

6:00pm - 6:45pm Camp Registration and Gear Distribution @ Cabrillo HS

6:00pm - 8:15pm Hicks/Harvey Referee Clinic Registration @ Cabrillo HS

7:00pm - 7:15pm Opening Remarks and Instruction - Dinos Trigonis (camp director)

7:15pm - 8:30pm Individual Instruction - Dave Miller (former New Orleans Hornets assistant)

8:30pm - 9:30pm Camp Games (Round 1)

9:30pm -10:30pm Camp Games (Round 1)

11:00pm-12:00am Late night snack and video game tourney at hotel

***Remember: We are in California, which means we are 3 hours behind all you guys on the east coast. The times listed above are all West Coast times. We're not sure about the Wi-Fi connection at the event, but if they have it then we will be coming with instant updates and pictures from the event. If not, then we will give updates immedietly after we return to the hotel. Keep checking back because we will be coming with numerous updates all day long.

We also want to thank everyone who contributed to bring us here. We are excited to be here and will be doing the best job we possibly can to cover the Pangos for you. Here are a few pictures of our arrival.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

TOC 2009: Ryan Harrow Game 4


OPEN THREAD: Pangos Trip

Sorry for the lack of updates, it's just that booking a flight, a hotel and a rental car for a good price is quite the task this late in the game. However everything is set and we'll be flying out at 5:45am tomorrow morning. We wanted to open this thread up to ideas and requests for our coverage in Cali. You can expect the usual, with lots of video, game by game updates and evaluation, as well as interviews with the Pack targets. 

Is there anything else that you'd like to see us do while we're out there. You guys made this trip possible so we want to tailor our coverage accordingly. We only have so much time and so much money, so I can't guarantee we'll be able to do every idea thrown at us, but we just want to see what it is YOU want! 

PS. We've been getting a lot of requests for "full games" on video, but unfortunately that is something we are unable to provide. When we film games we film it in clips to save tape and to keep the editing easy. It's this method that enables us to get the video out so quickly after games. Sorry about that,  but maybe in the future if we grow we'll think about offering that as well.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009



1. NC State basketball player Johnny Thomas was at the Alexander YMCA yesterday volunteering with the youth and teaching some basketball skills to the kids in the after school program. He looked healthy and was walking around with no noticeable limp. It's great to see a young man who is willing to give back, and without any publicity involved. It was only by luck that I walked by the gym before my workout to see Thomas playing with the kids.

2. Former NC State and current NBDL player Gavin Grant was at Reynolds this past weekend, helping out with the TOC. The surprise is that Gavin was on crutches and had both knees wrapped up pretty good. When asked what happened Gavin told us that he had recently had surgery on both knees. This is not good news with NBA Summer Workouts and Summer Leagues ready to start up.

3. The coaching staff will be taking a well deserved golf vacation this weekend. After putting in the work to bring in the #11 overall class, and already about to get back out on the recruiting trail in July, this is a much needed weekend for some R&R for the coaches. Have fun fellas!

4. As you know, Wolfpack Hoops will be in Long Beach, CA this weekend covering the Pangos All-American Camp thanks to you and your support. We are so proud to be a part of this fanbase and know for a fact that any school would be hard pressed to match the passion and the lengths NC State fans will go for their basketball (and football) program.

Sharing the Wealth: Gainey Gives Pointers As Elon Assistant

The Greensboro News-Record ran an article on former Pack point guard Justin Gainey yesterday, who recently became a part of the Elon basketball coaching staff. The article explains how Gainey went from being the coach on the court, to the coach on the sidelines. After Gainey left his dent in the NC State record books (9th in assists and 4th in steals) he went on to play two years overseas (France and Austria), then came back to serve as an intern within the NC Athletics department. Gainey's role expanded as he eventually took on an administrative role with NC State Basketball as the Director of Basketball Operations and also helped serve as the Assistant Varsity Coach at Cary Academy.

Gainey told the Record that he was very excited about his new opportunity at Elon but that leaving NC State wasn't easy.

“It’s a great opportunity for me...Everything lined up right, and I’m excited to be at Elon...It was very tough...I’ve got a lot of friends at State, and I’m still driving from Raleigh to Elon every day. But (Wolfpack head coach Sidney) Lowe and his staff gave me their blessings. They know my dream is to become a head coach and they encouraged me to take the job"

While Gainey was at NC State he was unable to assist in the recruiting process due to job restrictions. In his new position at Elon the tables have turned and he has been dubbed the point man for in-state recruiting.

“That’s the target, the emphasis,” Gainey said about recruiting the state. “It’s been fun. It’s been a long time coming because my job at State had a lot of restrictions. It’s great to be able to develop relationships with coaches and players.”

According to the article, it seems like Gainey and Head Coach Matt Matheny have hit it off real well. Here is what Matheny had to say to Record about the significance of the addition of Gainey to the Elon staff:

“Justin brings invaluable experience both as a player and a coach in this area. His number one quality, however, is that he is a person of high character who will represent Elon with an incredible degree of integrity.”

We are excited about Justin's advancement in his pursuit of one day becoming a head coach and we are looking forward to tracking Justin's success.

Click here to read the article in its entirety.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

WolfpackHoops is Going to PANGOS!!


Folks, we'd like to announce that after only 20 hours you have raised enough money to send WolfpackHoops to Pangos. We will be there as Ryan Harrow plays alongside NC State recruits Mychal Parker and Luke Cothron in what could be a big weekend for the future of Wolfpack recruiting. It is absolutely unbelievable how you guys made this happen. We received a few big donations, but the majority of it was made up lots and lots of small donations. We are seriously humbled by all the support we've received and we promise you we will provide the best, most in depth coverage of the Pangos that is out there. Be ready for videos, videos and more videos, with tons of updates throughout the weekend. Once again we'd like to thank you for all you've done and we're honestly still in shock that this all came together. There are no fans out there that can say they have more passion for their program than Wolfpack fans and this is proof.

Thank you Wolfpack fans and WolfpackHoops supporters! Get ready for an action packed weekend, live from Long Beach CA!

Mychal Parker at the TOC


This was the only game that we were able to catch Mychal at this past weekends TOC. The highlight reel is rather short, but that is due to the fact that the game was rather uneventful. Mychal scored 13 points in the first half, but didn't play a whole bunch in the second half due to the game being a blowout (the game also ended early due to a 'mercy rule.'). We look forward to hopefully getting more film of Mychal this weekend.


$0 Left to go!!!!

Well folks, we are entering the home stretch for raising funds. What we honestly thought was impossible is close to happening. We are right now sitting around $550 and trying to get to at least $700, but more like $800, because it looks like we'll be needing to rent a car, as there are no hotels next to the gym where the games are played.

Here is a bit of good news. We have been in contact with Dinos Trigonis, who is running Pangos. It is a little late in the game to be asking for a press pass and getting all the necessary paperwork in, but we explained the situation, and we are now on the Media List, so we're all set on that front.

Next up is booking our trip. We're still waiting to get the necessary funds to book a flight, a hotel and a car for the weekend, but we're getting very close! We're looking all over the internet (Priceline, Expedia, Orbitz) to find the cheapest deal out there. You can be assured that we will be very respectful with you money. We won't be pulling any moves like staying in a 5 star hotel, or sitting by the pool sipping on a cold drink. We'll be working hard for you guys. It's amazing the way you pulled together and got this thing's even more amazing how we're close to reaching our goal in not even 24 hours. Thanks again so much, everyone that has donated, and be sure to know that if this works out, Ryan, Mychal and Luke will all hear about how we got out to Cali.

We usually have up to 5 or 6 thousand visitors per day. We have received over 40 donations thus far, which is awesome! Anything can help, even .50 cents! Thanks again everyone and we hope you realize that you are such a huge part of what we are trying to do. Things like this can go a long way!! Thank You!


TOC Interview: Mychal Parker

We have been focusing a lot on Ryan Harrow as of late, seeing as he's the lone commit to the 2010 recruiting class for NC State. However, we caught up with another Wolfpack target at the TOC and he seemed very interested in the idea of playing his basketball in Raleigh. Mychal Parker is one of the top wings in the country. He can handle, shoot, play above the rim, and has a frame that can put on some bulk. Ranked as a top 35 prospect by most scouting services, Mychal Parker will be a real catch no matter where he lands, but Sidney Lowe may have the upper hand thanks to a friendship that has sparked up between Harrow and Parker. We had a quick conversation with Mychal following one of Ryan's game that he was sitting sideline for, here's how it went:

WPH: So Mychal, we know you've said you're pretty wide-open in your recruitment, but which schools would you say are coming at you the hardest?

MP: Yeah, I've heard the most from Clemson, Maryland, Miami, Tech, Florida, and NC State.

WPH: So, NC State is coming at you pretty strong? Where would you say they stand on your list?

MP: I like NC State, actually I liked NC State even before they started recruiting me.

WPH: Really? That must be exciting then to be recruited by them. We've also heard that you and Ryan Harrow have sparked up quite the friendship, can you tell us about that?

MP: Yeah, that's my man right there. I met Ryan at the Elite 80 Showcase in Wilson and we played so well together. We've pretty much been talking everyday ever since.

WPH: We were at that Elite 80 and you two were pretty impressive together. Have you discussed playing together in the future.

MP: Oh yeah of course, all the time. We actually are playing together this coming weekend at Pangos in California.

WPH: Yeah, we are trying to get out there to cover you guys, but we'll see, it's an expensive flight.

Oh yeah, you guys should get our there, we're gonna put on a show!

WPH: Haha, we'll do our best. Thanks Mychal.

**Mychal played with the Richmond Squires who's guards struggled the entire tournament. He played a team game and tried to get others involved, but the Squires were simply over matched most of the TOC. We've seen what an active Parker looks like when playing with guards that can get him the ball (Elite 80 in Wilson) and he has a very impressive skill set. Don't be surprised to see him running with Ryan's Atlanta Celtics at some point this summer, as him and Ryan talked about the possibility after one of Ryan's games. Mychal, to our knowledge, does not yet have a committable offer, however that could change when the Coaches evaluation period starts back in July.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Ryan Harrow: 2009 Bob Gibbons TOC: Game 3


This was probably one of the better games we've ever witnessed Ryan play. Keep in mind that this team (the Memphis Stallions) was the main contender in their pool. The guy going back and forth with Ryan was the talk of the tournament as he had games of over 50 and over 40 respectively. What made this game so impressive is that every highlight is a meaningful bucket. The Celtics were having trouble keeping up with the scoring of the Stallions but as you can see, Ryan took the game into his own hands scoring 32 points and leading Atlanta to a victory.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

TOC: Sunday Afternoon Update

The semifinal funk has struck the Celtics again. Looking dead tired, and going up against a roster of ACC recruits, the Celtics had no answer for CP3 as they were taken down handily. Ryan for some reason or another did not see the ball much this game and for that the Celtics paid dearly. After a gigantic run sparked by Dezmine Wells and CP3, the Celtics started to unravel as they began to take quick, contested shots. Their bigs were manhandled in the paint by a much stronger and physical CP3 squad. Ryan played good but could not get in a real rhythm as his teammates tried to take over. In the end CP3 was just too much to handle and sent the Celtics packing. It was a great tournament for Ryan and company though, and it definitely added to the growing buzz Ryan has been creating as we overheard numerous teams talking about #4 from the Celtics. Next up for Harrow is Pangos in Long Beach CA next weekend where he will team up with Mychal Parker and Luke Cothron, two other NC State targets. It should be quite the site to see, however due to lack of funds we will not be able to make it out west.

If any of our loyal readers would like to fund the trip to Pangos, we'd surely hop on a plane and cover it for you guys!! ; )

Stay tuned as we now will be working hard to bring you the rest of the video we shot this weekend. We haven't had the chance to sit down and watch it but we're pretty sure we got great footage of some pretty exciting games. We also were shooting pictures so we should have some of those up as well, along with a couple interviews. Thanks for supporting us and we hope our coverage of the TOC was to your liking. Here at Wolfpack Hoops we strive to bring you the best coverage on the internet of NC State targets on the AAU circuit.

TOC: Sunday Morning Update

A visibly tired Ryan Harrow and the Celtics struggled past the Panthers in the 9am game. That being said Ryan delivered bigtime again as he cleaned up an effortless 26, dropping 20 in the 2nd half. The Celtics are now taking on Dezmine Wells, UNC commit Reggie Bullock and Wake commit Melvin Tabb from CP3 in the semis. Stay tuned for constant updates now that our wireless is up and running.

TOC 2009: Ryan Harrow Game 2


TOC: Saturday Late Night Update

In the first round of the final tournament, Ryan Harrow and company had quite the task. DC Assault was sporting some big names in Tyler Thornton and Joshua Hairston, both 2010 Duke commits. Harrow vs. Thornton was the matchup that everyone was waiting for, however it didn't turn out to be the scrappy head to head showdown many were anticipating. Harrow and Thornton were back and forth to start the game and Thornton seemed to be the one in control...that was until Ryan crossed left, spun right and finished with a scoop shot over Hairston. From that point on it became the Ryan Harrow show. With fellow 2010 NC State recruit Mychal Parker watching from the sidelines in awe, Ryan dazzled those in attendance by scoring at will over the Duke commit. He had the ball on a string as he split triple teams with ease and finished with contact almost every time he got in the paint. We've seen a lot of basketball and a lot of AAU players, but none like Ryan Harrow. This is one of the more unique talents on the circuit right now. His ability to make split second decisions correctly on the break on a consistent basis is mind boggling. Ryan finished with 26 points and around 7 assists. Walking out of the Dean Dome the exiting fans were buzzing about #4, and they should be after witnessing another stellar performance by the NC State commit. We'll have the video of this sometime tomorrow, and it's definitely a must see.

Ryan will play at 9am tomorrow in the Dean Dome and will continue to play until they lose.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

TOC: Late Saturday Afternoon Update

Easily the best game we've seen so far this tournament. Ryan Harrow and company took care of one of the more dangerous teams in their pool in what was a back and forth, run and gun, scoring-fest. Now, we've seen quite a bit of Ryan, probably just as much or more than anyone else, and I can say without a doubt that this was certainly the best we've seen. If there was a question on whether or not Ryan was worthy of that 5th star, I think the question has been answered. A scout in attendance told us that outside of Brandon Knight (#1 PG in 2010), he didn't think that there was a better point guard out there in the class of 2010. What may have seemed like a bold statement at the beginning of the game, didn't seem so far fetched afterward. Filthy crossovers, violent spin moves, no look behind the back passes, and insanely acrobatic finishes, and that's just a small taste of what Harrow had to offer against the Stallions. When pressed for a bucket, it was Ryan who answered, and although he was called for a questionable technical foul for staring down a player after an unbelievable assist, he was calm, cool and collected throughout. Ryan finished with 32 points and a slew of unbelievable assists. (We'll have the official totals later), and a gigantic win for the Celtics that sent them to the playoffs that starts tonight at 10pm at the Dean Dome.

This was our second time catching Mychal Parker live and unfortunately it was not the best game to catch. Now don't get us wrong, Parker is a big time talent but he was running with a team that wasn't very competitive. Parker, while a little thinner than expected, played strong and showcased a nice mid-range game. He plays bigger than his 6'6 listed height, and had nice touch (although wasn't connecting tonight). The Squires didn't utilize Parker correctly and he found himself working the post for position while his team continually took poor shots and ended up getting slaughtered by a team that played together and had loads of D-1 talent (a 5 star and 2 guys on their way to Texas.) Overall we like Mychal's game and got to catch up with him after the game. We'll give you the run down of what he said later, however, we will tell you that he had a lot of good things to say about the Wolfpack. Parker had 13 at halftime and unofficially ended with 16 in a game that was cut short due to mercy rule.

TOC 2009: Ryan Harrow Game 1


TOC 2009: CJ Leslie Game 1


TOC: Saturday Afternoon Update

CP3 vs. Illinois Wolves
We were on location in Reynolds and working with wi-fi for the first game and got to check out Dezmine Wells and CP3. Wells looks good so far. He's a smart player with very good size. He just got called for a charge as he took a pass in the lane, power dribbled and steamrolled the kid guarding him. He has good footwork on defense and knows what to do with the rock when it's in his hands. He's got 3 points, one board and a few assists.

Atlanta Celtics vs Mid-State
Ryan Harrow's first time playing on the NC State campus was a success. Harrow and company man handled their opponent and Ryan gave the NC State fans exactly what they were looking for. It was vintage Harrow as he came out of the gates with a quick 3 and an acrobatic lay. Sporting an Iverson-esque crossover, Ryan was able to free himself at will leading to the creation of a lot of opening for his teammates and few a highlight reel slams. One of which was an off the glass one handed tomahawk. The State fans came out and droves and showed the love, as all of Ryan's highlights brought a loud applause and you could feel the excitement and anticipation in the arena. Ryan ended with 15 points and 6 assists as the Celtics won their second straight game by way of the slaughter rule (up 20 with 4 minutes to play; game ends) "It was great to get out here in front of all the NC State fans for the first time, I really appreciate all the support." Harrow said with a smile.

Stay tuned as right now we're taking in the Atlanta Celtics vs. Memphis Stallions game and Ryan has already been wowing the crowd with a few highlights.

TOC: Friday Night Update (#2)

GAME 2 : Atlanta Celtics vs. Baltimore Stars

The next game we checked out guessed it, Ryan Harrow and the Atlanta Celtics. First off we'd like to give some props to Wolfpack Nation. You guys showed up repping your red and white, and you could tell Ryan was excited to see it.

Overall Ryan played well. The game was played at an unusually fast pace that did not suit Ryan's game. Not that Ryan isn't good on the break, cause he can be downright magical on a 2 on 1, but it was the fact that the game seemed to be too fast pace to even bother getting the ball to a point guard. It was run and gun all night for the Celtics as Centers and Power Forwards were doing their best point guard impressions, making for a very ugly showing. When Ryan did get the ball in his hands, good things usually followed. He wowed the crowd with a few jaw dropping crossovers followed by his feathery pull up and gave his team momentum with his passing on the break. He, numerous times, threw pinpoint no look passes that found their way through the tightest of gaps. The game was cut short because the Celtics put the mercy rule on them. (Up by more than 20 with 4 minutes to play). Ryan ended up with 16 points, 5 assists and 2 steals.

Ryan is in action again tomorrow at 12:15 at Reynolds, come out and show him some support. And yes, we do have video and will be getting it to you shortly...stay tuned.

Friday, May 22, 2009

TOC: Friday Night Update

Game 1: MBA Elite vs. Carolina Cobras
Although Mychal Parker played at the same time (8pm) we just could not pass up the chance to see CJ Leslie (a top 10 player in 2010) vs. Laquinton Ross (#1 player in 2011). MBA features Ross (2011), Rodney Hood (2011), Demarco Cox (2010) and Deville Smith (2011). All of whom apparently have been offered by the Pack. They took on CJ Leslie and Tayshawn Mabry (2010). This game was full are stars and they did not dissapoint.

Now, we've seen a lot of CJ Leslie over the past year but tonight he was in rare form. He was extremely aggressive, vocal and as always, athletic beyond belief. The kid is scary good. He does things that kids at this level just should not be able to do, hitting 3's, beating guards off the dribble, and blocking shots he has not business coming close to. However, as good as Leslie was, Tayshawn Mabry was better. Many believed that the signing of Josh Davis meant Mabry was on the outs. Folks, it's hard to believe that could be the case with the way he performed tonight. He is athletic, strong, smart and relentless. He has a nose for the ball and is quicker than anyone else on the floor, off the bounce. Oh and lets not forget the lefty jumper that was falling all night. We couldn't stop talking about how impressive this kid was tonight.
On the MBA side it was Demarco Cox who was a very pleasant surprise. Standing at 6'8 and 288lbs, Cox is a monster on the football field, but his love lies on the hardwood. This kid is as impressive a true big as I've seen lately as far as pure size, use of his body and touch around the hoop go. I doubt there is anyone in the nation that could move this kid out of the way. He's a solid as a rock 288 and knows how to score the basketball and clog the lane.

Laquinton Ross is a monster. We know. He recently dropped 50 in an AAU game so we know what he's capable of. However, tonight he wasn't himself. We weren't sure if it was the presence of CJ Leslie or the fact that he just stepped off a bus from Mississippi, but Ross just couldn't get it going. He played softer than we've seen in the past, but still put up pretty good numbers. When the Cobras went to a zone Ross got complacent and was settling for 3's that just weren't falling. Remember though, Laquinton is only a rising Junior and surely has "star" written all over him.

We've seen Rodney Hood (2011) twice and both times we felt as if he was way too passive. Tonight was not different as he passed up shot after shot. He is definitely not a selfish player and loves to get his teammates involved, but he's a shooting guard or Small Forward so he'll be looked to for scoring, something he's just not comfortable doing right now, even though he has a silky jumper. He is a good prospect but until he shows us something else, we feel like he has a lot to work on.

Deville Smith is a newer name on the scene but one you should know. He is a 2011 PG with uber-quickness and lots of athleticism. He plays the game smart and is a vicious defender, staying in the passing lane and absolutely hounding the opposing guards.

We left with about 1 minute to go so we could go catch Ryan Harrow over at Duke, but when we left the Cobras had a commanding lead. Here is how the stats broke down:

Tayshawn Mabry 27 pts 4 rebs 1 assist 4 blks 1 steal
CJ Leslie 18 pts 4 rebs 1 assist 6 blks 2 steals


Rodney Hood 5 pts 3rebs 2 assists
Demarco Cox 15 pts 8 rebs 2 blks
Laquinton Ross 18 pts 3 rebs 2 assists
Deville Smith 11 pts 2 rebs 3 assists

Video on the way!!

Open Thread: May 22

We think that the Open Thread worked out pretty well yesterday.  There were a couple of topics that came up yesterday that didn't really take off, that I think are worthy of good discussion.  For instance: 

1.)Pack Leader said:
"Maybe this is just me but i would LOVE to see state re-do their jerseys and get a new look. Sidney told me a few years ago when i worked at a golf shop he frequently visited state was in talks about changing sponsorships from adidas to nike but i havnt heard any new updates. I would love to see a new black and red jersey (similar to FSU's new jerseys last year) and then a retro- old school look with the plain block STATE on the front and no names on the back. I really thing that would atleast give us a fresh look. ideas? likes? dislikes??"

2.)J. Sol brought up the possibility of playing more games at Reynolds.  Whether we end up playing more games in Reynolds or not, what is it about playing games in Reynolds that you like?

3.) Priya Rai asked for peoples projections for the Pack over the next couple of seasons.  Let's hear what you think.

4.)Someone else asked about the walk-on situation yesterday and we will help address that.

5.)Luke Cothron will not be playing this weekend. He will be resting up for the Pangos next weekend in Long Beach, CA. 

If you would like to discuss something besides the topics above, feel free.  Keep things objective and rational.  Let's have a good day on the Open Thread. 

Sharing The Wealth: "Wolfpack's last-minute picks give team a glimmer of hope"

This morning Ken Tysiac of the Charlotte Observer put out an article entitled "Wolfpack's last-minute picks give team a glimmer of hope."  In this article Tysiac is complimentary as he recaps the Pack's 2009 recruiting class.  He also makes a few comments in regards to the Pack's future.  Here are a few of the quotes:

"N.C. State still realistically doesn't have a good shot at gaining an NCAA tournament bid next season because Lowe's first few recruiting classes weren't stellar.

But the 2009-10 team no longer looks painfully thin in the post. And players like Brown, Howell, Painter and Harrow are good enough to form the nucleus of an NCAA tournament contender in the future."

While I am not trying to bash this article or the author, because as a whole I believe that he was being complimentary, I do want to make a few observations. 

Call me biased, but I believe that Coach Lowe did a great job in his first two recruiting classes.  His first actual class in '07 was ranked #17 in the nation.  While his talents no longer help our team, it can't be denied that he brought in J.J. Hickson, who was a 1st-Round draft pick with the Cavs.  Tracy Smith and Javi Gonzalez were also a part of that class.  Tracy Smith was the #1 player in the state of North Carolina coming out of high school, and Javi was the Player of the Year in the state of Florida.  For some reason that I am not sure of, many people overlook how well both of these guys played for the Pack last season.  Tracy averaged 10 ppg while only averaging 18.2 mpg shooting 54% from the field.  Javi showed drastic improvement as the season progressed and finished the year as our best perimeter shooter, shooting 43% from deep range (47% FG%).  Also, the '08 class tends to get overlooked.  It was made up of two 3 Star recruits: Julius Mays and C.J. Williams.  Both of these players, even though they flew under the radar, look to be leaders for the Pack as we head into next season.  Coach Lowe showed his eye for talent again when he snared C.J. Williams.  Many forgot about C.J. after he suffered a back injury.  His production dropped off a bit his Senior year as he recovered, averaging 15 ppg.  Coach Lowe remembered the young man that averaged 26 ppg his Junior season.  Coach Lowe also saw a poise, confidence, and a natural scoring and leadership ability that are hard to teach in Julius Mays.  While some may believe that Coach Lowe's first two classes "weren't stellar," I'd have to disagree.

I also think that next years team will be the most talented team with the highest Basketball IQ that Coach Lowe has had at his disposal.  This team will be able to run the offense that Coach Lowe has been dreaming of for the past three seasons.  While I understand that they will be young, they are extremely talented.  Don't sell this team short.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Wolfpack Targets To Watch at the T.O.C.


NAME: Ryan Harrow

AAU TEAM: Atlantic Celtics (17)

Friday, 9:30pm (Duke Wilson Rec Center)
Saturday, 12:15pm (NC State Reynolds Coliseum)
Saturday, 3:30pm (UNC Practice Facility)

NAME: Mychal Parker

AAU TEAM: Richmond Squires (17)

Friday, 8pm (NC State Dail Center)
Saturday, 11am (Durham Hillside, HS)
Saturday, 6pm (Dean Dome)

NAME: CJ Leslie (and Tayshawn Mabry)

AAU TEAM: Carolina Cobras (17)

Friday, 8pm (Dean Dome)
Saturday, 11am (Dean Dome)
Saturday, 3:30pm (Carrboro HS)

NAME: Rodney Hood (Laquinton Ross?, Deville Smith)

AAU TEAM: Jackson MBA All-Stars

Friday, 8pm (Dean Dome)
Saturday, 12:15pm (Duke Wilson Rec Center)
Saturday, 6:30pm (Duke Cameron Indoor)

NAME: Dezmine Wells


Friday 8pm (Dean Dome)
Saturday 11am (Reynolds),
Saturday 3:30pm (Dean Dome)

***Marshall Plumlee is rumored to be playing with Indiana Elite/Team Indiana (16). We do not have 100% confirmation of this. However we will know after their first game: Friday , 9:30pm (Carrboro HS)

In case you've been hiding under a rock these past few days, this weekend is the Bob Gibbons Tournament of Champions. It is one of the biggest most highly anticipated stops on the AAU circuit. It brings the best talent from around the nation right into our backyard here in the Triangle. The list above are players that NC State is activily recruiting. We encourage you to check them out, but make sure you check the schedules since a lot of games overlap and are hosted at different locations. So, come on down to the TOC Sporting your Wolfpack Red and cheer on the future of the Pack! 

Open Thread: May 21

We will periodically post an "Open Thread" that will act as a substitute forum since we are unable to host forums at the current time. In the future we will launch a site that will include forums, but these will be strictly moderated to filter out all of the negative banter that typically floods message boards. Until then, these "Open Thread's" will have to suffice. Whenever we post these we might give you a few thoughts to trigger conversation, but you are free to discuss any topic that you would like that relates to NC State Basketball. Ladies and Gentlemen, we are proud to introduce Wolfpack Hoops first "Open Thread"

Feel free to ask any questions or bring up any topics. Have at it!

Nuggets vs. Lakers Game 2: Tonight at 9:30 on ESPN

Don't forget to tune your TV to ESPN tonight at 9:30pm for Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals. Josh Powell will be trying to take a 2-0 lead in the series after squeaking out Game 1 105-103. Josh did all that he could have possibly done with the time that was given to him on Tuesday night. Josh scored 4 points (1-1 FG, 2-2 FT), blocked 1 shot and dished 1 dime in 4 minutes of play. That's pretty solid production in 4 minutes if you ask me.

Fells Turning Heads

Courtney Fells has always been a hard working, good athlete with a milky jumper. Now the NBA scouts are starting to take notice. Fells impressed at his workout with San Antonio as he shot the ball well and played great defense. The NBA scouts have continually compared him to a young Micheal Finley according to his agent.

We've also received word that Courtney has been promised a spot on a summer league team, however we can not disclose which team. This is good news as this gives the NBA scouts an extended look at players they are interested in. It will also give us all a chance to check out Courtney on ESPN where they televise some of the summer league games. Courtney will also be working out for the Charlotte Bobcats on June 4th. We'll stay on this situation as it looks like Fells is definitely starting to turn some heads.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pack's '09 Class Moves To #11

ESPN has just updated their rankings for the 2009 recruiting class as many of you have already mentioned in the comments. It looks like ESPN was impressed with Coach Lowe's late additions of Davis, Vandenberg and Painter as they bumped the Pack from the #19 slot up to #11. We are very proud of the job that our coaching staff has done with this years class. We have been stoked for quite awhile now, but is really exciting to see this class get the credit they really deserve. Here is ESPN's Top-25 Rankings of the 2009 Class:

2009 Recruiting Class Rankings

1. Kentucky
2. UNC
3. Villanova
4. Texas
5. Kansas
6. Oklahoma
7. Georgia Tech
9. Duke
10. Oklahoma St.
11. NC State
12. Indiana
13. UCLA
14. Marquette
15. Mississippi St.
16. Kansas St.
17. Louisville
18. Pittsburgh
19. Washington
20. Florida
21. Baylor
22. Minnesota
23. Illinois
24. Miami (FL)
25. Clemson

Here is what ESPN had to say about the Pack's '09 class:

"This talented group of freshmen brings plenty of skill, size and depth to the Wolfpack next season. Coach Sidney Lowe and his veteran staff have hit the recruiting trail hard and the fruits of their labor are paying off in a big way. Guards Lorenzo Brown (Roswell, Ga./Centennial) and Scott Wood (Marion, Ind.) both have great size, at 6-4 and 6-6, respectively. Brown is an extremely talented combo guard who can shoot with range to 20 feet, slash to the basket and find his teammates. He has all the tools and athleticism to be a great one but needs to be aggressive and assertive on every possession. Wood is an exceptional shooter with range to 25 feet. He moves well without the ball and gets open. He's good at reading screens and comes off them ready to shoot. Richard Howell (Marietta, Ga./Wheeler) is a highly skilled power forward who can create his offense from the high post with a jump shot or off the dribble drive. He also is an excellent passer for a four-man offense. He will add immediate help to the Wolfpack's frontcourt. The welcome addition of ESPNU 100 big man DeShawn Painter (Norfolk, Va./Hargrave Military Academy) is an excellent pickup for NC State; he is an active, athletic frontcourt player who can run the floor for transition baskets, finish around the basket and be a solid low-post defender. Jordan Vandenberg (Melbourne, Australia/Institute of Sport) is a legitimate 7-footer who plays the game like a European big man. He likes to step away from the basket and shoot jump shots out to 15 feet. He is considered a top-10 center and a top-30 prospect overall among Australia's 2009 prospects. He needs to become more assertive and bring a consistent effort when he arrives at NC State next season. Josh Davis (Raleigh, N.C./Athens Drive), a 6-6 SF, brings energy and effort and poses a matchup problem because he can go inside and post up or drive bigger guys to the basket."

A big 'thank you' goes out to ESPN for this good write-up and assessment of this special class.

RECRUITING UPDATE: Cothron Out of the TOC ; Harrow Pulling Strings?

Those of you hoping to catch your first glimpse of 2010 recruit Luke Cothron at the Bob Gibbons TOC this weekend may be out of luck. According to Luke, it's unlikely he is going to be playing this weekend in the high-profile tournament. "The team I usually play with is not going now, so I don't think I'll be playing." Cothron said.

HOWEVER, he did say there was a small chance he'd jump on another team, and get this, that other team would be the Atlanta Celtics, which just so happens to be the team of 2010 five-star commit Ryan Harrow. "There a chance I could be playing with Ryan Harrow and them. They just called me but I haven't called them back yet." he said.

Luke also let us know that the plan as of now is for him to head out west to the all-famous Pangos Tournament in Long Beach, Ca. This event is scheduled for next weekend, May 29th - 31st, but Cothron playing in the Pangos is not really news at all since he's a top 10 prospect nationally. The big story here is the fact that he told us that as of now he's planning on playing on the same team with Ryan Harrow and Mychal Parker. Is this just strange coincidence, or could there be a certain 2010 commit pulling some strings behind the scenes?

Speaking of Ryan Harrow, the Fayetteville Observer is reporting that there is a chance he won't be in attendance. Fear not Wolfpack Nation, we talked to him last night and have confirmed that he will be there, and playing with the Atlanta Celtics.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Painter Ready to “Earn Respect”

The signing of DeShawn Painter not only gave the Pack the number 13 rated recruiting class nationally, but it also shored up a depleted frontcourt that lost both leading scorers in Brandon Costner and Ben McCauley. Painter saw this glaring hole in the front court as an opportunity. He’s ready and willing to work hard in hopes that he’s the one that will make the Pack fans forget the loss of the two experienced bigs. We got to talk to DeShawn last night and he filled us in on his decision to run with the Pack and the role he’s expecting to play next year. Here it is…

WPH: We’ve received a lot of questions regarding your decommitment from Florida. Could you explain that situation a little bit?

DP: Oh yeah of course. It basically came down to the fact that I wanted to be closer to home. I wanted my friends and family to get to see me play. At Florida I felt like it was a little far away and my Mom really wouldn’t get to see me play as much.

WPH: So where you really set on Florida or was it just the kind of thing where you feel like you made a decision too quick?

DP: Not really. I mean I was 100% set on Florida. It was a good situation, they were a hot school at the time, and I was going to get playing time there but I just felt like I wanted to play closer to home so I decided to decommit.

WPH: That makes sense, So talk about your visit to NC State. What did you do and what sold you on the Wolfpack?

DP: It was just a good time and I really vibed with the players and coaches. It was just that they were real. You know, you could tell they weren’t putting on a show or anything. I just vibed real good with Julius Mays, he’s a cool dude. Really thought it was the whole package and the coaches, I just got along good with them. Pete Strickland is a real high energy dude and Coach Lowe is real laid back, like me. It was a hard choice because Maryland was good too but there were just no knocks on NC State, It was a great opportunity where if I work hard I can get a lot of minutes early on.

WPH: We heard that you got to eat downtown Raleigh at “The Pit.” How was that? You know it was rated as one of the top BBQ stops in the south by the New York Times.

DP: Oh yeah? I didn’t know that. That's Big Time right there! That place was real good though and the people there were good people. You could tell they were big fans.

WPH: Well I know the Wolfpack fans are very excited about your decision, however most of them haven’t had the chance to see you play. Can you explain your game to us a little or is there any certain player you pattern your game after?

Oh Kevin Garnett for sure. I’m tall and long and I can do a lot of what KG does. I mean, I know I’m not as good as him or as strong yet, but that’s the player I pattern my game after. I always say I want to be better than KG but of course I have a lot of work to do, but I’m ready to come in and work hard. Even Coach Lowe told me he saw a lot of Garnett tendencies in my game. I guess you can say I like to shoot it and I can shoot it. I like to face up and attack the basket too. I’m not too much of a back to the basket guy but,I know if I get stronger I can be.

WPH: So let me ask you. Did the Coaches tell you about the NC State / UNC rivalry and how big it is?

DP: Ohh haha, I got to tell you a funny story about that. We were staying in the Renaissance in North Hills and the coaches came in and I had some light blue on. They were like “OHHH NO, What are you doing! You gotta take that stuff off!” I didn’t know it was that big but now I do. I mean I got me some Carolina blue Jordan’s at home but I’m probably going to leave them up here now haha.

WPH: I think that might be a good idea, that probably wouldn’t go over all that well on campus. So did the coaches go over their expectations with you or what your role is going to be next season?

Oh yeah. Coach Lowe is real up front and I liked that. He didn’t promise me anything. It was basically like if I work hard I’m going to have an opportunity to play. But at the end of the day I’m going to stay humble. That’s who I am. Just stay humble and work hard you know. You got to earn respect to get respect, you know. I’m not coming in thinking anyone owes me anything, I’m going to work hard and earn it.

WPH: That’s a great quote and I think a very true one. Just talking to you I can tell the Wolfpack fans are going to take a liking to you. Is there anything you’d like to tell them?

DP: You can tell them that I’m going to give it my all. I mean I can’t make any promises but I’m going to stay humble and work hard. I just want to help the team and put in lots of work to be the best I can be. Basically I want to win and I want to help this team win, that’s why I’m coming to NC State.

I think you can tell by the interview that DeShawn Painter is a high-energy guy that is ready to go to work for the Pack. This is definitely a guy with a lot of personality and those players seem to always do well in Raleigh. We’d like to thank him for taking the time to talk with us and we’re excited to see him don the red and white this upcoming season.

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