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Cam Bennerman Presents:

Join Cam and company as he releases his clothing line "Likuid N'Ation" at Buddha's Belly in Raleigh, this Friday from 7:30-10pm

We recently had a chance to catch up with former Pack star Cameron Bennerman. Cam was a vital part in some very good Wolfpack teams, and he led the team in scoring as a senior when he averaged 14.1 pts per game. You've all gotten to see the athletic side of Cam, with his game changing slams and his ridiculous hops. Now we're going to expose to you a different side of him. Meet Cameron Bennerman, the artist/business mogul, and the founder of Likuid N'Ation, a clothing line that will make it's debut in Raleigh this Friday night at Buddha's Belly on Hillsborough st., and YOU are invited! They will have apparel from Cam's line at a discount price, along with music and possibly free wine. You will also have the opportunity to meet Cam. The event will start at 7:30PM on Friday night and last until 10pm. Get out there and support your fellow Wolfpacker as he pursues his dream. Or if you can't attend, hit up his website and place an order, especially you students...that Wild Wolf Tee is a nice break from all those ho-hum book store T's.

Here's the interview we got with Cameron about life, work, and basketball.

Wolfpack Hoops: So Cam, how did you get into designing clothes?
CB: I've always been a clothes connoisseur. I like to have my own individual style, and it was just hard to find something unique that I really liked. I was tired of other peoples stuff. I love things customized, from my shoes to my car, and now to my clothes.

WH: When did you get this idea for Likuid N'Ation and when did you really get going, and decide to turn this into a business?CB: It really came about last summer after I finished up with school. I took Sports Management at State, got out and just wanted to get this thing started.

WH:Do you have stores? Where can we buy your clothing line?CB: I try to get them out there everywhere I touch down. I'm from Greensboro, went to school in Raleigh, and played over seas in Italy. So you can get them in all 3 cities. (Check out these locations to pick up your Likuid N'Ation gear)..or just order online.

WH: So after college you played over seas, correct? Did you, or do you, still keep up with any current Pack players?CB: Yeah I played in Italy and then Spain the past 2 years. I try to follow NC State basketball as much as I can but I'm always on the fly so it's hard. But I do keep in contact with Ben, Courtney, Brandon, Dennis and Simon. I also try to keep up with my old teammates but I'm sure they'll tell you I'm kind of hard to get up with as of late. I've been so busy.

WH: So right now at NC State we're missing that do-it-all type guard, a role you filled during your time with the Wolfpack. Speaking of your time with the Wolfpack, is there any single moment that sticks out to you from your years at State?CB: Besides the Sheldon Williams dunk which everyone knows about lol, the other memory that stands firm in my time at N.C. State was losing my senior game to Boston College. I had a torn hamstring and still continued to play. I felt like if I had been 100% we would have won that game.

WH: And what is it that you miss most about playing for the Pack?
CB: What I missed most about playing for State is the anticipation. That build up for an ACC match up. That's definitely what I miss the most.

Again, we'd like to thank Cam for the interview, and we'd also like to encourage you to get out there this Friday night and support his new clothing line by picking up a shirt or hitting up his blog. (Likuid N'Ation Blog)

What: Cameron Bennerman's clothing line launch
Where: Buddha's Belly (Hillsborough st., directly across from the Bell Tower)
When: This Friday, Jan. 30th (7:30pm-10pm)


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    Wolfpack Hoops-

    Just wanted to drop you a quick line to notify you that your site is making some mad progress. I have heard, on many occasions, friends of mine talk about how they visit your site for Wolfpack B-ball info above all others....Yall are blazing.


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