Wednesday, January 7, 2009

RYAN HARROW: Exclusive Interview

When Sidney Lowe saw Ryan Harrow play, he immediately knew he had to make an offer. Lowe has been searching the nation coast to coast for a point guard that could put his program back on the map. Standing close to 6'0 and weighing in at 155lbs, Harrow doesn't look like an intimidating figure...but put a ball in his hands and you quickly realize why he was offered a full scholarship at such a young age. The way he handles the ball makes it look like he has it on a string. The points he puts up and the assists he dishes out make is seem like he's playing kids half his age...but that's not the case. He's played against the best in Georgia and on the AAU circuit, and the outcome is the same.
We recently caught up with Ryan and had the chance to ask him a few questions about his game, his life, and his future at NC State. Here is the interview:

Wolfpack Hoops:
What was it that drew you to NC State? Was there any one thing that really made you say "Yeah, this is where I want to play"?

Ryan Harrow:
"I'd have to say Coach Lowe. The fact that he played point guard in college and the pros. I feel like he knows what it takes to get to the next level. That's really what made me come to NC State.

Wolfpack Hoops: Have you gotten a chance to get up to Raleigh to see a game yet, or will you be coming up anytime soon?

Ryan Harrow:
"I actually have not. But in a few weeks I'll be up there for the Georgia Tech game, so I'm pretty excited about that."

Wolfpack Hoops: So tell us a little bit about your game. There aren't many videos of you floating around out there. Is there any specific player you pattern your game after?

Ryan Harrow: "Hm, I wouldn't say there's one player I pattern my game after. I pretty much take some little things from a bunch of players. The people I train with give me tips and help my game also. As far as the type of player I am....I would say I'm a pass first type point guard, but I still can score.

Wolfpack Hoops: I guess you ARE averaging over 30 points per game. Which has people talking about your future. We're hearing rumors about you transferring from Walton to Oak Hill. Is there any truth to that?

Ryan Harrow: "Haha. The first time I heard that was last week. I think some AAU coaches were saying it and someone picked it up from there. But no, I've never talked to Oak Hill. People just have been telling me that prep schools are going to start calling, but I'm at Walton, and next year I'll most likely be at Walton. We're going to be in Raleigh for the Glaxo next year."

Wolfpack Hoops: Yeah we heard that. Everyone here in Raleigh is excited for that. Ok, now I got a kind of crazy question for you. Rumor has it that you were a double for one of the actors in the basketball movie "Crossover." Is that true? And if it is how did that come about?

Ryan Harrow: "Oh no. Hahaha. Yeah I was a double for one of the actors in that movie. I was in 8th grade. That came about because my friend and the guy I train with, Mark Edwards (who also trained Hot Sauce and "The Professor" from the AND 1 Tour) told me about it and I just said yeah I'm going to do it."

Wolfpack Hoops: Oh wow that's pretty awesome. We're going to have to find that scene you're in and get it up on the website. So, I got one more question for you. What is your goal here at NC State, individually and team wise, and is there anything you'd like to say to the Wolfpack Nation or anything else they should know about you?

Ryan Harrow: Well individually I'd say that I'd really like to make the ACC All-Freshman team and the NCAA All-Freshman team. And as far as team goals go...I know NC State hasn't won a championship in a long time, so I'd definitely like to take the team to a championship and win it. And I guess what I want to say to everyone is that I'm going to try my best and work as hard as I can because I know State hasn't had a true point guard in a long time, and I won't disappoint!

We at Wolfpack Hoops would like to thank Ryan for taking time out of his day to do the interview and wish him luck on the rest of his season. Just so all of you know we are getting a polite, well spoken, smart young man and we're very excited to have someone like him joining the Pack. We'll try to catch up with Ryan later and see how he enjoyed his first visit to the RBC.


2 Responses to "RYAN HARROW: Exclusive Interview"
  1. Chris Moody said...
    January 7, 2009 at 9:31 PM

    Awesome interview and I know Pack fans are looking forward to Harrow.

  2. Chris said...
    January 7, 2009 at 11:38 PM

    Watching him he kind of reminds me of a young (shorter) Kenny Anderson. He is awesome with the ball! I can't wait to see him in a Wolfpack uniform. Great interview bro!


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