Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Setting the Pine Aflame

I'm not sure if you are familiar with the phrase "Riding the Pine." This phrase is commonly used to describe players who spend a lot of their time on the bench rather than on the court. Some players embrace their role coming off the bench whereas others never seem to make the adjustment. C.J. Williams and Dennis Horner have absolutely set the pine on fire with their play off the bench recently. In the past four games Williams and Horner have shot 65% and 67% respectively. In fact, they have emerged as three-point gurus. Williams has melted the nets from deep range at a 60% clip and Horner isn't far behind at 58%. These two have not only lit a fire under this year's team, but they have given a good looking forecast of the future. Over the past four games C.J. has averaged 10.75ppg and over the past three Horner has averaged 12ppg. Both of these players are playing with an extreme amount of confidence. If these two can continue to burn the pine and shred the nets, this Pack team will be a hard team to stop as the season winds down.


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