Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sharing The Wealth: Spotlight on Lorenzo Brown

Mike Ehrlich of the ACC Sports Journal put out the best article on Lorenzo Brown that I have read to date.

Our highlights of the article:

“He has an ability to always be so cool and so nonchalant that it seems like he’s not really playing,” said Brown’s AAU coach, Derek Dickerson. “They say he’s not sweating, and then at the end of the game he’s got 25 points, 12 assists and nine rebounds.”

“He brings elements to the game that I don’t think any of their guards have now,” Allen Whitehart, Brown’s coach at Centennial, said. “He brings unselfishness, and he can take over the game at any time. I expect him to go in on day one and start at the point guard position.”

“It’s going to have its peaks and valleys,” said Dave Telep, national recruiting director for and a frequent contributor. “Lorenzo will not have any problems getting hoops in the ACC. He’ll be easily among the two or three best guards to come into the league next year.

“I think he’s mentally tough enough,” Whitehart said. “Of course, there’s going to be growing pains as a freshman in the ACC, but I think if there’s any kid ready to make that jump, it’s Lorenzo.”

The article spins Zo as an incredible teammate that is a scoring guard who has a solid mid-range game and loves to use his size and athletic ability to attack the rim. Though he is a self-proclaimed pass-first guard, most analysts along with the writer of the article believe his scoring ability will be what distinguishes him at the next level. Credit should be given to Mike Ehrlich for putting together a great read.

ACC Sports Journal: Spotlight on Lorenzo Brown


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