Sunday, March 15, 2009

N&O: Light Shed on Leslie Situation

Today the N&O caught up with Word of God's Chief Operating Officer, Mitch Summerfield . There are some very telling quotes in this article that shed a little more light on the situation with Leslie. It also mentions that he will be playing his AAU ball with the Lake Norman Wizards instead of D-ONE. This is a surprise, as rumor of the Clifton's (who are affiliated with D-ONE) being involved with the decommitment were running rampant earlier in the day.

"CJ really hasn't thought that whole process through yet," Summerfield said.
"I'm in N.C. State's corner, of course," he added. "I'm pushing [N.C. State]."
Summerfield said that the chances are, "still very strong," that Leslie will wind up at State. "He actually talked to Sidney Lowe directly to let him know they are still on his list," Summerfield said. "He just wants to make sure he’s not hurting his chances of being ranked and all of the things that go along with his summer this year."

Check out the whole article HERE.


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