Saturday, April 18, 2009

Zo Selected to All-Southern Team

The accolades for Lorenzo Brown continue to roll in and this time he represented the Dirty South well. This morning it was announced that he was selected to the All-Southern Boys Basketball Team. Let's just say that Zo was in good company. Here is the rest of the players that he is surrounded by on the All-Southern Team:

Lorenzo Brown -Sr- Committed to NC State - 4 Stars
Fred Gulley -Sr- Committed to Oklahoma St - 3 Stars
DeMarcus Cousins -Sr- Committed to Kentucky - 5 Stars
Brandon Knight -Jr- Uncommitted - 5 Stars
Derrick Favors -Sr- Committed to Georgia Tech - 5 Stars
Jon Hood -Sr- Committed to Kentucky - 4 Stars
Eddie Ludwig -Sr- Committed to LSU - 3 Stars
Andre Stringer -Jr- Uncommitted - 2 Stars
Reggie Bullock -Jr- Committed to UNC - 5 Stars
DeAndre Hopkins -Jr- Committed to Clemson - 1 Star
John Jenkins -Sr- Committed to Vanderbilt - 4 Stars
Joseph Young -Jr- Uncommitted
Jaquon Parker -Sr- Uncommitted - 2 Stars

Also, Lorenzo and Richard Howell will be playing in tonight's Reebok All-Star Game tonight at American University. We will get you news of stats/results as soon as we get them.


3 Responses to "Zo Selected to All-Southern Team"
  1. Jason said...
    April 19, 2009 at 12:52 AM

    Of course the Georgia 5A Player of the Year is going to make the team!

    Any video or stats for Lorenzo and Richard from the Reebok All-Star Game? Who else played in this?

  2. jose said...
    April 19, 2009 at 6:11 AM

    Wow, Zo has gotten a ton of love this year- rightly deserved.

    Like Shaq would do I'll give Zo a title that has fun with how dominant he can/will be. Dubbing him "The Renaissance Man" because when it comes to stat sheets, Zo has got a handle on ALL the categories.

    Thats what arriving at NC State folks with one Lorenzo Brown late summer- a legit scorer, ball handler, passer, rebounder, ball defender, shot blocker- that will ensure State gets contributions from all areas.

    The only question mark I can see is when will the team start to look like his team on the court. I have nothing but love and respect for Julius, Javi and CJ but at a certain point Zo will hit his stride and show folks that his game fits the mold of todays college basketball perfectly.

  3. Wolfpack Hoops said...
    April 19, 2009 at 7:37 AM

    Here is who played in the game:

    Team Create

    Mfon Udfofia - Committed to Georgia Tech, 4 Stars
    Maurice Creek - Committed to Indiana, 4 Stars
    Lorenzo Brown - Committed to NC State, 4 Stars
    Joe Burton - Committed to Oregon State, 3 Stars
    Tim Frazier - Committed to Penn State, 3 Stars
    Ari Stewart - Committed to Wake Forest, 4 Stars
    Richard Howell - Committed to NC State, 4 Stars
    Fred Gulley - Committed to Oklahoma State, 3 Stars
    Isaiah Philmore - Committed to Towson, 3 Stars
    Terrell Vinson - Uncommitted, 4 Stars
    Isaiah Armwood - Committed to Villanova, 4 Stars

    Team Finish

    Mike Moser - Committed to UCLA, 4 Stars
    Dexter Strickland - Committed to UNC, 5 Stars
    Junior Cadougan - Committed to Marquette, 4 Stars
    Naji Hibbert - Committed to Texas A&M, 4 Stars
    Andrew Fitzgerald - Committed to Oklahoma, 4 Stars
    Elijah Johnson - Committed to Kansas, 5 Stars
    John Jenkins - Committed to Vanderbilt, 4 Stars
    Rodney McGruder - Committed to Kansas State, 3 Stars
    Dante Taylor - Committed to Pittsburgh, 5 Stars
    Erik Murphy - Committed to Florida, 4 Stars
    Thomas Robinson - Committed to Kansas, 5 Stars

    Stats/Results to come shortly.


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