Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sidney Lowe Press Conference : 6-18-09 (Part 2)

Q: Coming into your fourth year does it feel like its actually your first, seeing as this is the first season with your players?

Coach Lowe:
"It does, it does, because it is the first time we're going to be young. It's the first time that it's going to be the majority of my guys."

Q: Do you feel like this is your chance to put your stamp on the program?

Coach Lowe:
"Absolutely, absolutely. There is no question about it and I've gotten that from three different college coaches. "This is your chance to make a mark, this is your chance to change can change the culture"

Q: Who were the 3 coaches?

Coach Lowe:
"Tubby Smith, Tom Izzo and Todd Bozeman."

Q: Does that type of thing excite you, does this opportunity excite you?

Coach Lowe: "I'm excited. I'm extremely excited. I just like the way the guys are together right now. The way they're carrying on, the way they're working. I'm excited about the guys I know are going to be better. I really expect Dennis Horner to have a great year for us, I really do. I didn't recruit him, but you know what, he stuck it out, he stayed here. He could have left. He's bigger now, he's been in the gym, he's working out, his mind set is good. I think Javi is going to be better. I think Johny is going to be better, he's going to play more. I'm just really excited."

Q: Can you talk about Farnold's knee? It just never seemed to be right last year.

Coach Lowe:
"Yeah, that concerns me a little. You know, he took some time off and he actually went home to Boston, but that is going to be a key for us. See, because we'll have situation where he and Javi are in the game at the same time. We could have Farnold and Julius in the game at the same time. We need to have flexibility to move guys around, we need to have ball handlers to be able to go small. Lorenzo is 6'4, he can go the small forward. He can give us a great advantage there with his quickness and I wouldn't be concerned with his rebounding because he rebounds pretty well for his size. But, Farnold's knee is going to be crucial for us.

Q: Do you see C.J. as more of a 3 because of his size or I know you could slot him in at the 2. Where do you think he'll see most of the time?

Coach Lowe: I see him more as a 2. I think he can play 3 at times but he's a 2. I think he's settling in at that, and he knows that is his position.

Q: It seems Painter and Howell are very similar. Can you talk about the difference between the two?

Coach Lowe:
Deshawn is a longer and a little more bouncier than Richard. Richard probably can face up and shoot a little better, but yeah Deshawn is long.

Q: How is everybody eligibility wise (referring to the incoming freshmen)? Is everybody all set to go?

Coach Lowe:
"We're hoping so. Right now they're all getting there academic stuff in. There are few things that were late coming in. We're ready for everybody, but we have 2 guys that have some stuff to come in, but it's not a problem. It's just the Clearinghouse needing to get something and the school having to get something and the school hasn't gotten it yet."

Q: We never got your take on the John Wall circus. What was your thought process on watching that unfold?

Coach Lowe:
"You know, my only thing is that I wanted the best for him. He's a young man that is very talented and I think the media attention came quick and fast and in mass amounts. I think he'll be fine. He's a good young man and I just hope the best for him."

Q: Is Vandenberg a project or can he help this year?

Coach Lowe: "I think in some areas. I think with his size he can help us out on the defensive end. He actually has a nice shot, 15 to 16 feet out. He has good footwork, good hands. I think he'll need to work on his size, he needs to get bigger with the guys in our conference. But he's really not a project. He does have skills. When you say project I think of a big guy that has no skills. I think Jordan will advance a little quicker than that. "

Q: With most all of the great guards exiting the ACC, if there was ever a good time to be young, is this year the time?

Coach Lowe: "Yes it is. If there is ever a time...yes, because that's the way it is. When you play experienced guards it's hard, it's hard to beat a team with that. I think this is a great time for us. Hopefully we can advance and we can have those experienced guards. Certainly Javi has had his share with opening up against Carolina and Clemson his freshman year.

Q: How do you feel about the 1 year rule in college basketball?

Coach Lowe:
"We certainly would like to keep them more than one year. I guess I think that's best. So I guess if they want to go, let them go because the ones thinking one year, often times they'll choose a school for the wrong reason. Maybe if there was a 2 year rule they would think a little more about it, think about everything that is involved. I don't think a lot of kids think about things outside of basketball. What's going to happen when the ball stops bouncing. Would I like to live in that city? Am I going to be loved in that city. Kind of like when you're playing home, there's nothing like playing at home around people that know you and grew up with you. "

Q: How do you feel Tracy will do now that he'll be keyed on. How will that change his game, if at all?

Coach Lowe: "Obviously he'll have to continuously improve and get better and get smarter. He'll have to recognize when teams are doing things, and he'll have to be unselfish and sacrifice when teams decide to double him down there. He'll have to make the appropriate passes and trust his teammates to make shots. It might be frustrating for him at times, but he'll get through. He'll get though not just because we'll teach him, but his teammates will help him."

Q: (WPH) Coach, you mentioned that you feel C.J. is more of a 2. If he's slotted in there, who do you see competing for the small forward spot?

Coach Lowe: Johnny and Scott. Scott Wood is a solid, solid player. He's going to be a freshman and he'll make some mistakes, but he's a solid basketball palyer. He'll need to get bigger and stronger, but as far as knowing the game, he knows it and he knows how to win. Johnny he just plays hard, he plays so hard. I feel very comfortable with those 2 guys and we'll see through practice who is going to start. "

Q: What about Dennis, what do you see his role being?

Coach Lowe: Dennis will be at the 4. He could play some 3 but that's the thing, we'll have a team where we can move the guys around. It'll be a luxury for us. Hopefully we'll have 2 maybe 3 guys that can handle the ball and make good decisions for us on the court. I just see Dennis more as a 4, I feel he's more effective as a 4. He gives us the luxury of being able to stretch the defense by stepping out and pulling the 4's out.

Q: Was there a To-Do list this off-season?

Coach Lowe: "Te get better at everything and I feel very comfortable and confident in that. I don't know if you've seen any of our guys, but if you have you'll see. They're different, they're just different. Their expressions are different, their mindsets are different, their bodies are different. Dennis Horner likes to walk around with his shirt off for the first time. It's interesting. He's proud of his work. When you see our guys you'll be able to see and it's because of the extra work they're putting in. No one is telling them to be in the gym at 6:30am. They're in there working out, that's what they are doing. Kind of the same thing J.J. did."

Q: (WPH) How is Johnny's knee holding up? Is he still touch and go?

Coach Lowe: "No, Johnny is a go. It is what it is. It will be sore and it will swell, but he can bounce right back. He wants this to be a big year for him. It's kind of like he needs to get in there and get after it or get out. He's definitely ready to go.


10 Responses to "Sidney Lowe Press Conference : 6-18-09 (Part 2)"
  1. Pack Leader said...
    June 18, 2009 at 7:51 PM

    The best thing I heard in this interview was the hard work and extra conditioning these guys are going through. It is essential to be a real competitor in this league. If the leaders on the team instill this in the younger teammates it becomes contagious. Great stuff. That is something the coach cant do in the off season, thats where having your own recruits is so key.

  2. 74Doug said...
    June 18, 2009 at 8:38 PM

    I'm glad to hear coach pencil in Horner at the 4. I think he is one of the most underrated guys around, even around here. Also love Thomas and Wood having good minutes at 3 and Farnold getting a chance at the wing. This could be an exciting, explosive team.

  3. garrick said...
    June 18, 2009 at 10:18 PM

    sorry to get off the subject but i had to check out the cj interview everyone is upset about and now i'm upset. I watched cj play this year and was keeping all hope alive that he would maybe recommit but this did it for me. maybe john wall thought he was too big for raleigh also after the season word of god had you would think they would be in touch with reality. How can you be the best point guard in the nation and one of the best fowards and still loose 11 games. come on guys get over yourselves. If you want attention your doing a good job go to uk or unc and take a number or stay home and make a difference for the little people. by the way the game i watched was in red springs against luke cothron and luke stole the show and almost pulled it off single handedly against 4 d-1 prospect 2 that are suppose to be the best cj did his thang but he has a long way to go before he's too big for raleigh

  4. Anonymous said...
    June 18, 2009 at 10:44 PM

    I'm excited about all the new recruits. Sid's getting quality depth in every position (especially in '10 when we stock the pg cupboard w/ RH). Most of the guys are athletic and multi-positional guys. For example, take the 2-spot. We have Williams, Brown, Wood, and Degand (per recent Sid comments). 3-spot: Thomas, Horner, Wood, Davis... And those are probably our weak spots (not mentioning the point, which i'm not terribly concerned about, with javi, mays, degand... brown... wood.......RH)

  5. Anonymous said...
    June 19, 2009 at 3:50 AM

    looks like Sid's got the players, i just hope he has the talent to use them wisely. i liked what he said earlier about not expecting wins this season, but expecting improvement over the season. how true that is... it will be hard to accept a 5-acc win season, but it's going to happen whether we like it or not. no way we are going to win 50% of our ACC games. i hope we will, but logic says we won't.

  6. HaveYouHuggedYourWolfToday? said...
    June 19, 2009 at 6:54 AM

    This interview is good! Kudos!

    We see Coach is: realistic, working his plan, and learning. Not just the players learning and growing, but the coach, too. I like the comments about this realistically being his first year with his own team, and he seems to be keying on his plan and not short-term results. So Coach is a leader who can get people to follow his plan and see his vision.

    The only thing that can stop this train is injuries.

    One point that can't be emphasized enough about this team is having multiple options at multiple positions. Not a team where losing one guy or having one guy hurting at a position can flip 10-6 to 6-10 as the past couple of years.

    So, can the Wolfpack survive a season with only five options at the point? (Mays, Javi, Farnold, Wood, and Zo) Will there be a walk-on sixth option? I mean, the bad luck at this one position for the past 3 years has been mind-blowing. Can't change soon enough!

  7. wolfpack4eva said...
    June 19, 2009 at 10:33 AM

    In the last question, regarding Johnny Thomas, Lowe stated, "It's kind of like he needs to get in there and get after it or get out."

    Is that a portent of things to come? I mean is he basically stating either Thomas shows he can do it this year or he may not have a scholly next?

  8. ppack3 said...
    June 19, 2009 at 12:03 PM

    4eva, I think Lowe is eluding to the fact that Johnny understands, that if he can't go this year then it is pointless to continue pursuing basketball. I don't think Sid told him to produce or get out. That's not Sid. There would be another scholly for '10 if Johnny can't fight this injury. I hope that he can be the player that he has the potential to be because he is a great player.

  9. Anonymous said...
    June 19, 2009 at 2:01 PM

    I read it as Johnny said he was going to have to move on if he wasn't able to contribute.

    I also think it was interesting the comments from the 3 coaches about 'changing the culture'.

    It had to be like we percieved it.

  10. Afterglow said...
    June 19, 2009 at 7:20 PM

    "What's going to happen when the ball stops bouncing?"

    That's very Jim Valvano-escue. Sort of along the lines of what are you going to do when the cheering stops?

    He really interviews well.

    It's exciting to hear of the various transformations that are taking place. Johnny Thomas will be an interesting one to watch however; what's more intriguing to me is how I really can't put my finger on who is going to surprise people this year. I have no gut feeling on this. Even stranger is, my gut feeling feels like the surprise could come from a bunch... sort of like a team.


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