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2009-2010 Basketball Schedule Released

RALEIGH, N.C. – The 100th season of NC State men's basketball will feature a total of 17 home games, including one against each of the other three North Carolina ACC schools, as the 2009-10 schedule was released Tuesday by the ACC. The Wolfpack will have a total of 20 games against teams that advanced to postseason tournaments last year, including 13 games against teams that went to the 2009 NCAA Tournament.

“We fell like we have improved the strength of our schedule once again this season, and the fact that so many teams went to postseason plays last year supports that fact,” said head coach Sidney Lowe. “We have some tough road trips early on in the season, and it will be crucial for us to see how our young team responds to playing in those hostile environments. It is important for us to start the season off strong, and then continue that play into the ACC portion of the season.”

NC State will open its 2009-10 campaign against Georgia State. That game will either be November 12, 14 or 16 at the RBC Center, and an announcement will be made at a later date.

The Wolfpack will then pack its bags and head down to Daytona, Florida, to play in the 2009 Glenn Wilkes Classic at the Ocean Center Arena November 20-22. NC State will play three games in three days against Akron, Austin Peay and then Auburn, all three teams advanced to post season play last year.

The Pack’s non-conference schedule also features three other road contests. NC State will travel to Marquette on December 5, to Arizona on December 23 and play UNC Greensboro at the Greensboro Coliseum on December 31.

The Pack will once again play in Reynolds Coliseum in mid-December. NC State will host Georgia Southern on December 12. The Pack will also play an exhibition game in Reynolds, hosting St. Paul’s College on November 5.

NC State will get an early start to its ACC season, as the Pack will travel to Wake Forest December 20 for a nationally televised contest. The Pack will be facing, North Carolina, Maryland, Virginia, Virginia Tech and Wake Forest both home and away this season. In other ACC games, Clemson, Duke and Boston College will all be visiting the RBC Center, while the Pack will be at Boston College, Georgia Tech and Miami.

The ACC Tournament returns to the Greensboro Coliseum, and will be played from March 11-14.


Day Date Team Time TV
Thur. 11/5 St. Paul’s College (Reynolds - Exh.) 7:00 pm

TBA TBA Georgia State TBA
Glenn Wilkes Classic - Daytona, Florida (Ocean Center Arena)
Fri. 11/20 Akron 3:30 pm
Sat. 11/21 Austin Peay 8:15 pm
Sun. 11/22 Auburn 8:15 pm
Sun. 11/29 New Orleans 2:00 pm
Tue. 12/1 Northwestern 7:00 pm ESPNU
Sat. 12/5 @ Marquette 3:00 pm
Sat. 12/12 Georgia Southern (Reynolds) 2:00 pm
Thur. 12/17 Elon 7:00 pm
Sun. 12/20 @ Wake Forest 7:45 pm FSN
Wed. 12/23 @ Arizona TBA
Tue. 12/29 Winthrop 7:00 pm
Thur. 12/31 @ UNC Greensboro TBA
Sun. 1/3 Florida 3:00 pm FSN
Wed. 1/6 Holy Cross 7:00 pm
Sat. 1/9 Virginia 12/1:30 pm FSN
Tue. 1/12 @ Florida State 7:00 pm RSN
Sat. 1/16 Clemson 12/1:30 pm FSN
Wed. 1/20 Duke 9:00 pm Raycom
Sat. 1/23 @ Maryland 5/6 pm ESPN2
Tue. 1/26 North Carolina 9:00 pm Raycom
Sat. 1/30 North Carolina Central 2:00 pm
Wed. 2/3 @ Virginia 7:00 pm ESPNU
Sat. 2/6 @ Georgia Tech 4:00 pm Raycom
Wed. 2/10 Virginia Tech 7:00 pm
Sat. 2/13 @ North Carolina 4:00 pm ESPN
Wed. 2/17 Maryland 9:00 pm RSN
Sat. 2/20 Wake Forest 2:00 pm Raycom
Sat. 2/27 @ Miami 4:00 pm Raycom
Wed. 3/3 @ Virginia Tech 7:00 pm
Sun. 3/7 Boston College 2:00 pm Raycom
3/11-14 ACC Tournament (@ Greensboro, N.C.)

RSN - Regional Sports Network
FSN - Fox Sports Network
RLF - Raycom/Lincoln Financial Sports
FSNS - Fox Sports Net South

Information Provided by NC State Media Relations


31 Responses to "2009-2010 Basketball Schedule Released"
  1. JA said...
    August 25, 2009 at 4:07 PM

    Ya'll got some press in the Washington Post.


  2. Wolfpack Hoops said...
    August 25, 2009 at 4:17 PM

    oh yeah, we know all about it.

  3. Alum02 said...
    August 25, 2009 at 4:25 PM

    We all love what you guys are doing, but a rules check may not be a bad thing at this point. Better to err on the side of caution than lose your credentials and risk getting the university some sort of penalty. thanks for what you do.

  4. Anonymous said...
    August 25, 2009 at 4:41 PM

    Our administration will be the last to let something happens that ends in a penalty. I mean we are the school that went around telling people to take down Myspace and Facebook pages asking John Wall to come to State. Rules are rules, but it was an honest mistake...nothing more.


  5. T- Money said...
    August 25, 2009 at 5:15 PM

    Wolfpack Hoops,

    To hell with what the Wasington Post has to say. They need to be worried about Obama running this country in the ground and acting like he is a celebrity and start being a true president. All I heard was how he wasn't going to raise taxes which was a complete lie. Also BIG deal he played 1 on 1 with a athlete they act like you guys held a gun to his head and say play him 1 on 1 right now on this camera for a scholorship or else. GIVE ME A BREAK !!! Why don't they worry about John Calapari cheating his a$$ off everywhere he goes and then when someone catches on to it he decides to go to Kentucky to continue his trashy ways. 1 thing I can say about NC State is we don't PAY our players to come here so Washington Post needs to stick it ! GOOD WORK WOLFPACK HOOPS US TRUE NC STATE FANS RESPECT WHAT YOU DO AND WE WANT YOU TO CONTINUE TO REPRESENT US ALL WELL.

  6. Dof87 said...
    August 25, 2009 at 5:26 PM

    I like our OOC schedule, there are some teams we should have a chance to beat that are respectable. I think Sid knows that building the OOC schedule strength is the best way to get ready for the season and the only way to become an elite program, I expect tougher line-ups in years to come.

    Too bad we don't close out the season against WFU as we did for so many years. That game always seemed to be a great lead-in to the tourney.

  7. Wolfpack Hoops said...
    August 25, 2009 at 6:05 PM

    Thanks guys. Probably wasn't the best judgement on our part, but it was certainly an eye opener. We have a complience handbook and are now well aquainted with what can and cannot be done within those gray areas.. The video was seen by the university and has been cleared of any violation, so there is no penelty for anyone. .You can be assured that we will never step close to that line again. Thanks for the continued support and for your concern.

  8. redfred said...
    August 25, 2009 at 6:15 PM

    T-money, It's funny how you somehow mentioned amateur athletes, playing basketball, cameras rolling, and Obama, and yet, there's no mention of unc.

  9. redfred said...
    August 25, 2009 at 6:29 PM

    WPH, to avoid future trouble along these lines, how about if I act as a stunt double for guys like Will Barton, CJ Leslie, and so on. I won't charge much, I just bought a ladder at the Home Depot, and we'll run the negatives to make it look more believable. I can do this!!!

  10. Pack Leader said...
    August 25, 2009 at 7:17 PM

    I disagree a line was close to being crossed. He made the contact, he jokingly proposed the "terms of the agreement." Sounds like to me Washington Post is looking to dig in an empty hole...

    Wolfpack Hoops... Voice of the Future....

  11. Pack Leader said...
    August 25, 2009 at 7:20 PM

    Kinda sounded like James Henderson tried to take a cheap shot....

  12. Anonymous said...
    August 25, 2009 at 8:02 PM

    kinda looks like Yahoo! just shoved that cheap shot right back into James Henderson's face!



  13. gmonnnnaaa said...
    August 25, 2009 at 8:11 PM

    ^wow great article by the the guys over at yahoo. (keep in mind they're owned by Rivals)

    Hey someone with a packpride subscription...go let James know he's famous.

    the world famous GMonnnnaaaaa.....out

  14. Pack Leader said...
    August 25, 2009 at 8:39 PM

    Great find Mike!!

  15. Alum02 said...
    August 25, 2009 at 9:23 PM

    already posted on pp premium. not trying to shove anything in James' face so much as just show that there are two sides to the story.

  16. Anonymous said...
    August 25, 2009 at 9:26 PM

    guys, let's keep the negativity(and politics) outta here, please? definitely not what I read these comments for. plenty of other sites to go for that.

    Keep up the good work WPH, and keep it between the lines!

  17. -mike said...
    August 25, 2009 at 9:42 PM

    theres one thing about being negative about our basketball program, but it's something entirely different when the big shots are trying to shut down a bunch of guys trying to do something good for the University on their own. It peeves me off!

    I'd like to bet that one of the Scout or Rivals guys tipped the WaPost on the video.

  18. 74Doug said...
    August 25, 2009 at 10:28 PM

    Hey, life is short. This stuff is a lot better for me.

  19. Wolfpack Hoops said...
    August 25, 2009 at 10:52 PM

    We really appreciate everyone coming to bat for us here and on other message boards. However, I don't think we really should be accusing anyone of doing anything. We did not use our best judgement and honestly, the article is warranted and asks a relevant question.

    As far as James Henderson's comments, I don't believe he is singling us out, or coming at us. I think his quote is relevant and honest and we'll take it as simply a blanket statement.

    The Yahoo! article makes a good point and is another voice asking a good question about the way media is changing.

    So how about we talk about that schedule that just came out?

  20. redfred said...
    August 25, 2009 at 11:11 PM

    Crazy how something so fun and innocent as what happened with Will Barton, can get you guys lumped in with people who hand a player a cell phone and say, "Here, Coach wants to speak to you."

    I've always listened to your interviews and been thinking to myself, "Why in the hell don't those guys at WPH at least say SOMETHING about NC State?" But you don't. You let the kid steer and do the talking whether he's talking about Kentucky, unc, or whoever. Most of the time the kids will eventually mention NC State on their own, because they know where you guys are from, and simply because it's the polite thing to do.

    Case in point, the Will Barton INTERVIEW.

    It's tough, but from what I've seen and heard in your interviews, you guys are well above board.

    ...and do great work to boot!

  21. Anonymous said...
    August 25, 2009 at 11:11 PM

    wph whats with all the misspelling?

  22. Wolfpack Hoops said...
    August 25, 2009 at 11:18 PM

    ^ in the articles? or in our comments? I think our articles have been pretty clean. I do see what you're saying about our comments. I just got an Iphone and I've been answering emails and responding to comments on the fly (as i'm doing now)..so it's going to take some getting used to. Sorry about that.

    ^^ Thanks Redfred. We really appreciate it. We've tried to do the best job possible.

  23. Wolfpack Hoops said...
    August 25, 2009 at 11:26 PM

    ok now enough about us....ANYONE want to talk about who the Pack is playing this year?

  24. Pack Leader said...
    August 25, 2009 at 11:45 PM

    I look forward to State playing in the ACC/Big Ten this year!! Last year really hurt watching.

    If we can somehow pull out at game @ Arizona in December, the ball can really get going into the heart of the ACC schedule.

    Florida should be redemption game after last years last minute loss. We get them at home without Calathes to bail them out.

    I enjoyed the WF game to end the season, not sure why that changed but a good rivalry was heating up.

    WPH how bout any news on the exhibition in next week? free? time? Im anxious to see how we look....

  25. Anonymous said...
    August 26, 2009 at 12:07 AM

    I like the Auburn, Northwestern, and Marquette games being on the schedule. I definitely want some redemption against Marquette and Florida this year.

    Wiley Wolf

  26. redfred said...
    August 26, 2009 at 12:40 AM

    I don't even care about basketball anymore. Let's just talk about WPH from now on.

  27. KarNCSU said...
    August 26, 2009 at 1:16 AM

    I'm pulling hard for you guys at WPH. We need sites like this and I'm real glad that you guys decided to be creative and do something new. You could have easily gotten a subscription for PP or TWP but you all decided to put in the hard work and make a website dedicated to NCSU sports. I applaud you all for making it happen and working extra hard, especially since I doubt this is your every day job. However, I am glad you do realize that the episode with Barton was in a gray area and thats what I like so much about you guys. You take the criticism well and realize when you all could have had better judgement. That shows maturity and that you guys can make it big time and do this for a long time.

    In terms of the schedule. This is the most competitive schedule I've seen in the last few years. Even though FL, Marquette, and Arizona may not be as good as they have been in the past, they are an upgrade.

  28. Pack Leader said...
    August 26, 2009 at 8:43 AM

    Looks like the Pack has the #5 incoming recruiting class for 2010 season according to Rivals...

    If we thought last year was a good class, '10 should be game changing!!

  29. Anonymous said...
    August 26, 2009 at 9:09 AM

    I'm thinking 23-8

  30. Lynda said...
    August 26, 2009 at 10:28 AM

    I knew we were on borrowed time with not having 9 pm home games during the week, but they sure made up for it this year. UNC, Duke AND Maryland on Wednesday nights at 9! Puts me getting home to New Bern about 2 am. Other than that, I'm excited about the schedule. Looks like we have some nice competition. And I'm always glad to see Duke at the RBC Center.

  31. Dof87 said...
    August 26, 2009 at 1:16 PM

    I noticed that the Auburn, Arizona, Marquette and VA Tech games are not yet slated to be televised, kind of surprising. Hope they find a way to get those on TV.


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