Monday, August 10, 2009

Christmas Trims His List and Other Recruiting Tidbits

IDS News is reporting that 2011 prospect, Rakeem Christmas has trimmed his list to 8. Baylor, Florida, Georgetown, Indiana, Ohio State, Oklahoma,Texas and Villanova are the schools he will be choosing from. The 6'8 Philly product is thought to be the top center in the '11 class and was drawing interest from the NC State staff. This is not a big blow to the Wolfpack as they had only recently begun tracking Christmas.

Right now, the focus is still on the final scholarship available in 2010. The big names on the board for the Pack are CJ Leslie, Luke Cothron and Mychal Parker, all of whom would be gigantic additions to an already stellar class of PG Ryan Harrow (5 star) and Lorenzo Brown (4 star). A sleeper in this class is Tobias Harris, a perimeter oriented 6'8 forward who has brought high energy and intensity to the floor every time we've seen him. He has a connection to the staff, but is being recruited very heavily by Kentucky and Tennessee.

2011 should be an exciting class to follow as the staff is recruiting two local products in Dezmine Wells and Quincy Miller.

We'll keep you updated on any new developments.


16 Responses to "Christmas Trims His List and Other Recruiting Tidbits"
  1. Anonymous said...
    August 11, 2009 at 12:13 AM

    Has Miller visited State this week yet? If so, do we know how it went?


  2. Anonymous said...
    August 11, 2009 at 1:56 AM

    Q interview??

  3. Pack Leader said...
    August 11, 2009 at 8:24 AM

    Thats too bad, never like to see a top player not put state in top 8. But we may not have been on the trail long enough with this kid to make a stong impression.

    Comonnnn CJ Recommit!!COME BACK HOME!!!!

    Any word on Cothron's knee since his injury in Vegas????? Results on MRI??

    Ps I noticed CJ Williams' team won the NC Pro/Am last Sunday. Thats always a positive, and I heard last Thrusday he drop 36 points and 27 points the next night. Is CJ gunna become our big scorer next year?!?!?!

  4. Pack Leader said...
    August 11, 2009 at 8:48 AM

    Also, WPH I have had a source tell me in the last week Bo Ingram has lined up his classes and grades to attempt to enroll at NC State ASAP and his thoughts are State will let him play baskeball...

    Any rumors floating your way...

  5. Wolfpack Hoops said...
    August 11, 2009 at 9:06 AM

    CJ did drop 36 in the pro-am victory and I think CJ knows that at least some of the scoring load is going to fall to him. Looks like he's ready.

    More on Cothron, Miller , and Ingram later.

  6. Anonymous said...
    August 11, 2009 at 9:11 AM

    Bo Ingram will not be attending NC State this fall. If, (A BIG IF)he does enroll, it will be in 2010, possibly in the spring. When I spoke to him last week, he was preparing to leave for Texas.

  7. Pack Leader said...
    August 11, 2009 at 9:56 AM

    "When I spoke to him last week"

    There we go some real reporting!!!
    Nice Anonymous!!! Thanks for the insider info.

    Since you know him, or atleast spoke to him, I assume youve seen him play before whats your thoughts anonymous??? He seems fired up about joining NC State but I dont hear many other big schools calling him, Is he really all hype or does he have the skill set to be a big time player... If he can ever decide to study once and awhile....

  8. Anonymous said...
    August 11, 2009 at 10:06 AM

    Sorry to post anonymously, but I forgot my password Leader...I do know him and his family. He was in town, Kinston, last week. He made mention that NC State was still recruiting him and he would love to play for Sid and Comp. He is a great kid and is highly skilled. He claims to have an offer from NC State, but gravis and others dispute that. He is adament that he wants to play for NC State, if not, he will probably play for someone in the ACC...I just don't think that we have room for him, I really hope he suits up for us, but some other posters closer to him than me seem to think he will not. Not because of grades or character issues, but because of our scholly situation. He is a great kid.

  9. Pack Leader said...
    August 11, 2009 at 10:22 AM

    Thanks Anonymous.

    Really cleared some stuff up!!

  10. Wolfpack Hoops said...
    August 11, 2009 at 11:12 AM

    We'll have some highlights of him and possibly an interview very soon.

    What Anon is stating is what we are hearing. If he comes it's looking like it would have to be in a walk-on situation, which probably won't fly with him since he's getting interest from other schools.

    We've talked to him recently and it just seems that things are pretty up in the air for him, but one thing is clear....he wants to play for the Pack.

    The sad truth is that they staff really can't afford to offer him a 'ship right now. With Lo Brown coming in with Harrow 2010, the staff really wants a big or at least a wing. No room for another 2 guard with CJ Williams/Brown/ and possibly Mays able to fill that role.

  11. Anonymous said...
    August 11, 2009 at 11:19 AM

    Sounds like he shoulda jumped on the scholarship & the opportunity when he had it in High School....

    Snooze ya loose

    Tha Pack is Doin Big Things Sooon!

  12. Anonymous said...
    August 11, 2009 at 12:17 PM

    He didn't have an offer from us out of high school....

  13. Jose said...
    August 11, 2009 at 6:18 PM

    Tobias is having an amazing but from what I've read he's a big framed wing- not the big inside body that Lowe really wants.

    There is a common theme reoccurring when names like Harris, Parker and Ingram come up and it's summed up best by "they won't bring to the program what Cothron or Leslie would".

    Ofcourse Lowe has been known to pull some surprises on the recruiting trail thus far into his tenure- and another wing who could possibly bring an instant upgrade to the position would get hard to pass up.

    Probably the answer lies with who steps up this year and proves he can take it to another level. Lowe may look at the last scholly avail. differently once he and his staff see's this new come together.

  14. Werewolf in Franklinton said...
    August 11, 2009 at 9:45 PM

    It dosen't make a lot of since to me to take Ingram for two years when you could have Mychael Parker for 4.

    It would, however, have made since to pass on Josh Davis and have Ingram come in 2010. I really hope Davis surprises and becomes a great player. It would be a shame if we have to pass on a more proven recruit due to taking a chance on Davis.

    No disrespect to Josh I think he is a great young man. And I trust our staff to bring in winning players.

  15. Wolfpack Hoops said...
    August 11, 2009 at 11:40 PM

    When we talked with Quincy's Uncle last week he said that Quincy would either visit on the 12th, 13th or 14th. He's been in Portland.

  16. DealBigRick said...
    August 12, 2009 at 6:15 AM

    Harris > Cothron, but not by much.

    we have like a 10% chance at Miller. don't like to hear he's stalling about a campus visit.


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