Wednesday, March 11, 2009

THE RED COATS ARE COMING! :: MyTeamCoat.Com joins Wolfpack Hoops

I know many of you, including myself, have been wondering where you can pick up your very own Sidney Lowe style red blazer. Well here's your answer. The guys over at have teamed up with us here at to bring you high quality red blazers at an affordable price. Rock your blazer at the office, out on the town, or at the game... Team spirit has never looked so good.

In case you're not a history buff and you're wondering what the big deal is with the red blazer, let me explain. In 1951 Norm Sloan graduated from NC State university. 15 years later he came back to coach the Wolfpack. Four years later the Wolfpack were ACC champs, and only 4 years after that Sloan led NC State to its first national title (1974). Norm Sloan was not only a legendary coach, he was also a fashion icon (although he may not have known it). Sloan was known for donning a red blazer on the sidelines of Reynolds Coliseum, and as the basketball program become popular, so did the red blazer.

In 1980, only a few years after the championship, Sloan stepped down making way for Jim Valvano, better known as Jimmy V. V wasted no time, and in his 3rd season Valvano brought home a National Championship of his own (1983). So what did Jimmy V have in common with Norm Sloan other than the fact that both had won Championships at NCSU? The red blazer. Valvano was a stylish man, who while keeping with tradition, decided to break out the red blazer for big games.

Since Jimmy left there have been two other coaches, neither of them found the level of success that their predecessors had, neither of them were able to completely win over the fan base....and coincidentally, neither of them rocked the red coat. Now over 25 years later, NC State has brought in one of their own to lead the Wolfpack back to the promised land. His name is Sidney Lowe and although he's had his rough patches, NC State will soon be back on the map if he has anything to say about it. He's doing all he can to bring back the Pack to the top of the ACC, recruiting better, working harder, and of course, sticking with what's worked.....the red blazer.

Now it's your turn, and Wolfpack Hoops are working together to bring you the red blazer that has lived on through the years here at NC State. It's not only good looking, but it symbolizes our school, our passion, and our tradition.

To order simply click on the logo at the top of the article or click on their ad in our sponsors section, and make sure you check out the WRAL news story on (Our "Video of the Day")


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