Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Where Are They Now?: Todd Fuller Interview

Todd Fuller was Les Robinson's diamond in the rough. Fuller was the bright spot for the Pack in the mid-90's. He was an AP All-American Honorable Mention and he made the All-ACC squad three times. Todd averaged a double-double his Senior campaign, averaging 21 points and 10 rebounds. He also managed to leave a dent in the NC State Record Books. Todd ranks 11th All-Time in scoring (1,585), 6th in rebounds (887) and 4th in blocks (143). Todd was taken as the 11th overall pick in the 1996 NBA draft. Give Todd some love. He can always look back in life and say "I was drafted ahead of Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash!" Todd played for 5 seasons in the NBA for the Warriors, Jazz, Hornets and Heat. NC State showed Todd the appreciation he deserved when they hung his jersey in the rafters on October 27, 2007. It is our goal here at Wolfpack Hoops not only to give you a breakdown of the careers of our Pack Alum, but to also catch up with them and let you know what they are doing now. With that being said we had the chance to chat with Todd the other day. Here is the dialogue:

WolfpackHoops: It's been 12 years since you balled with the Pack. Give us a breakdown of the past decade.

Todd: Well for 11 of those 12 years I was playing basketball professionally. I played 5 years in the NBA and 6 years overseas. It's been a whirlwind tour, in fact you could actually call it a 'worldwind tour.' Through basketball and ministry work I have played basketball on every continent besides Antarctica. My wife Libby and I have been married almost 4 years now.
I'm also doing a number of different things presently. I am the treasurer of the Young Republicans in Meclenberg County. I also am a math tutor and a part-time teacher. I have used my accounting degree to help out with a couple political campaigns. Something else that I am doing right now is making semi-regular appearances on "Primetime with the Packman."

WolfpackHoops: For those of you who have never heard of "Primetime with the Packman" allow me to give you the scoop. Mark Packer is the host of this radio show that is the #1 rated sports talk show in Charlotte. It has also gained national recognition as it is considered one of the best in the country. You can pick up "Primetime with the Packman" everyday from 3-7pm on 620AM "The Bull."

Todd: I'm also looking for a full-time job. I would love to help coach basketball in any capacity. I have helped run ministry based basketball camps all around the world. I would also love a job that uses my experience in accounting. So if any of you are reading this and you could help me out...it would greatly appreciated. You can contact me via Facebook.

WolfpackHoops: You still seem pretty connected to the 'sports world.' How well do you keep up with the Pack?

Todd: Oh you know I still keep up with the Pack. Working on the radio has been fun because I get to talk about Wolfpack Basketball as well. In fact Coach Lowe is supposed to be a guest on the show in the near future. I will try to let you know when. I normally make it to around 2 games a year. I made it to the Wake Forest game earlier this season and I might make it down to the ACC Tournament.

WolfpackHoops: Since you are looking for a coaching job and are currently working with sports radio, give us a breakdown of the Pack.

Todd: You can’t expect a team to go from one end of the spectrum to the other over night. Or even in a couple of years. You can’t just throw an 80 yard pass and become a good team over night. Next year we have a good recruiting class. Let’s not forget the season isn’t over. If we have a great showing in the ACC Tournament and hopefully a post-season tournament it can most notably add to the recruiting aspect. That makes it more enticing. This is my message to Wolfpack Nation: Keep cheering and rooting. Keep being the best fans in the ACC. I see us being a .500 team or better in ACC play next season which isn't shabby and I see us moving into the top tier of the ACC the following year.

Alright Wolfpack Nation, you have a couple assignments. 1) Check out Todd today (March 11th) on "Primetime with the Packman" on 620AM (Raleigh) from 3-7pm. Call into the show and give Todd some love. We will keep you posted on which days he will be on the show each week. 2) If you know of any full-time job opportunities for Todd in the areas that he specified, let him know or let us know and we will give Todd a call.


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