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Pangos: Day 2: Player Updates

Ryan Harrow #7, Mychal Parker #88, Luke Cothron #99, Quincy Miller #105
Sorry for the delay on the updates guys! It's crazy out here and we don't want you to miss a thing, which is why we barely had any time to post. Now that the camp has finished we are at the hotel and we'll be here all night bringing you the most complete coverage of Pangos that you'll find. Here is your Saturday game recap, player by player (we'll have stats later):

**The camp director switched the teams around after the first night and caused quite a stir. Ryan, Mychal, and Luke all were separated until day 3 when Ryan and Luke got to play together. The players were very disappointed. They understood that WPH came all the way in Cali to see them play together. However, all 3 were inseparable all weekend long and had some good things to say about NC State. (All of which you'll hear for yourself in the upcoming interviews.)

Ryan Harrow, 2010 NC State Commit, PG:
Ryan didn't have his best outing on Saturday as weekend after weekend of basketball may seem to be catching up with the 5 star NC State commit. Ryan was not as aggressive, but was also visibly frustrated at the style of game his team was playing. The game was completely run and gun and Ryan's team seemed to be the one with the most "wanna be" point guards. Ryan still got his (10 points), had a few highlights and still was one of the best guards on the court, but all in all this was not one of Ryan's better days. I was talking with Dave Telep who acknowledged that Ryan's legs looked tired and could certainly use a weekend off. That weekend off is something Ryan won't be getting anytime soon as he's scheduled to be playing all over the world in the next month (yes, I said world). Ryan will be soon heading over to France with the Adidas National Team.

Luke Cothron, NC State Recruit, PF/C
For us Saturday was Luke's coming out party. He is visibly stronger and more aggressive than we've seen him in the past. He was a monster in the paint all day long, making the opposing bigs look like children. He's starting to turn it up a notch and it's pretty apparent as you watch what used to be layups for Luke, now are aggressive dunks. Luke is really starting to learn how to use his size and get great position on the blocks. Although every now and then he gets complacent and goes up too soft, it's happening less and less. Numerous times Luke caught the ball on the block and imposed his will against anyone in his way. He was extremely effective on Friday night against a guy who many feel is the #1 player in the nation, Harrison Barnes. That play carried over to Saturday where Cothron started to demand the ball and finish on command as he went "and 1" crazy, finishing three old fashion 3 point plays. The more we see of Luke the more we see why he's such a top target for the Pack. He's been running the floor extremely well here at Pangos and turning a lot of heads at a camp that isn't usually too friendly to big men due to the up and down pace set by the nations elite guards. According to Luke, he has recently been working out with a personal trainer in order to build his body up for the next level and it's definitely starting to pay off.

Mychal Parker, 2010 Recruit, Wing:
Mychal finally decided to give us something on Saturday as he found a little aggressive streak in the afternoon. Parker can really do it all and just needs to bring it on a consistent basis if he wants to shoot up the rankings even higher. Mychal is a great, well spoken, and extremely funny kid who really fits better in a team first type atmosphere. Something that Pangos just doesn't offer. On Saturday we got to see a much more complete version of Mychal's game. He was a lot more physical when he brought it to the blocks but also was stepping out and popping a few silky jumpers for good measure. We especially liked to see him invite contact like he did when he drove the lane and attempted to throw down over top an opposing wing. Although he missed the dunk it was good to see that he has that inside him. He is very capable on the break and just has a really high ceiling. If he can get stronger and force the issue a bit more, there is no telling how good this kid could be.

Will Barton, 2010 Recruit, SG:
Although not 100% into it for the first game Saturday, Will continued his Pango's dominance in the night cap. This kid is probably the best prospect we've seen in the 2010 class. There's nothing he can't do. He's quick, shifty, athletic and can really stroke it from deep. Add to that, an incredibly charismatic personality and hard work, and you've got yourself the total package. He'll need to put on more weight to dominate, but he's college ready right now. On Saturday Barton was killing people with ankle buckling crossovers (which I know all too well), knifing drives to the basket and thunderous finished above the rim (often followed by a crazy eyed stare into the crowd). I don't care what any of the analysts say, and many may not agree, but Harrison Barnes (#1 overall player) is good, but he's not as good as Barton.

Dezmine Wells, 2011 Target, Guard:
You probably aren't too familiar with the 2011 guard from Word of God, but Dezmine Wells is out to change that. With an extremely solid effort at Bob Gibbons and a outstanding Saturday at Pangos, the scouts are starting to take a closer look at Wells. He's built like a linebacker but handles the ball like a point guard. On Saturday Dez was showcasing his athleticism with hard, aggressive drives to the hoop and thunderous finishes above the rim. There's not a kid in the 2011 class that has more of a college ready body than Wells, and he knows how to use it. He still hasn't honed his jumpshot, but when he does, there will be not one school out there that wouldn't love to have this kid in their back court. Throw in the fact that he let us know that he "really likes State" and Dezmine Wells certainly becomes one to watch. Often overshadowed by the plethora of talent at Word of God, Dez is way under the radar at this point and any school that comes calling is a smart one. A few scouts we talked to were really seeing Wells for the first time and were almost unanimously impressed.

Quincy Miller, 2011 Target, PF: (NEW NAME ALERT)
A 2011 prospect who very well could re-classify to become 2012 eligible (he's only 15) is not a brand new name on the scene but is one that is starting to build some buzz. Miller, from Winston-Salem, is a 6'9 forward who can do it all. A quick first step, solid moves in the post, an accurate jumper that extends to the 3 point line, and the ability to rise and flush on anyone that comes in his way. We are extremely high on Quincey, who we first saw at the Boo Williams tournament a few months ago. He is an absolute talent who will be holding offers from every big college in the nation and it just so happens that according to Quincy, NC State has shown some early interest. Miller will likely be a big time target for the Pack in the coming years so we wanted to give you the chance to get to know him now.

***We are currently working on the Day 2 video, as well as Day 3 Updates and video. We got a new "Where are they Now" that no Wolfpack fan will want to miss, as well as some "dunk session" video and tons of interviews. Stay tuned.


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  1. Anonymous said...
    May 31, 2009 at 9:05 PM

    Did you get any interviews with these guys?

  2. redfred said...
    May 31, 2009 at 10:00 PM

    Nice "work" out there WPH!!! I'm loving this stuff!!!

  3. KarNCSU said...
    May 31, 2009 at 10:06 PM

    Could you go in a bit more detail about Harrows and Parkers team. Who all were part of the team and were the other players on the team just too selfish? I can somewhat understand that mentality since this is a showcase where all the scouts are so in their mind every now and then they will pass it up but for the majority of the time they are trying to focus on their individual weaknesses and most likely highlighting their strengths to improve their ranking. Am I correct in my thinking? But great job by you guys! did the recruits happen to mention any top 5's or if they are favoring the pack?

  4. Brandon said...
    May 31, 2009 at 10:56 PM

    I'm loving the coverage guys! Great work and thanks so much!

    Go Pack!

  5. j.sol said...
    May 31, 2009 at 11:53 PM

    it's good to see luke starting to take it up stronger for a jam rather than laying it up. he already has a killer instinct for rebounds and a knack for getting in the right position every time. once he adds more bulk and gets more comfortable with his size, this kid is gonna be an absolute monster in the paint.

    keep up the good work guys.

  6. Afterglow said...
    June 1, 2009 at 7:35 AM

    France? That's gonna be a lot of money to raise ;)

    Great coverage guys! Can't wait to read the interviews!


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