Saturday, October 17, 2009

Javi Gonzalez: 2009 Media Day


WPH: What is the biggest difference in the team this year compared to last year?

JG: I think we are all more focused on winning and playing together and playing hard every single play. Everyone has the same focus this year and it’s like a new mentality. We want to win every single game.

WPH: Talk about the difference from this year to last year with strength and conditioning

JG: I think we’re running a lot more and I think physically, like me, I’ve been getting a lot stronger than last year and in better shape than last year. Coach Lowe wanted us to run a lot cause he plans on us to push the floor up and down the floor and we’ll need to be in good shape to do that.

WPH: How do you feel your experience will help you this off-season.

JG: It helps a lot especially when we have a lot of young guys coming in. Me talking with them and being vocal with them, they’ve been listening to me the last couple weeks of practice, so I think that’ll have a good impact on them.

WPH: How’s the chemistry between the three point guards?

JG: It’s fine, we come out and play hard. Coach Lowe plays me at the one or the two, he plays Julius as the one or two. He’s been playing us together so I think it’s fine.

WPH: Talk about how the point guards may also find themselves at the two this year.

JG: Exactly. Especially when we are trying to push the ball. If the rebounds on that side of the court and Julius is there. They can give it to him and I’ll run the wing and he pushes the ball. If it lands on my side, I push the ball so it’s a lot easier and push the ball and run the court.


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