Sunday, October 18, 2009

Tracy Smith: 2009 Media Day Interview


WPH: What’s been the biggest different from last season to this season?

TS: Just working hard. Last year, I noticed when I was watching my films I didn’t really run the floor as much as I’ll run the floor this year. This past off-season I worked on my 15 footer, my face-up game, my jumpshot, I just think everything is getting better right now.

WPH: So you’ve worked on your ballhandling? Are you going to face up and take people to the rim instead of banging?

TS: I’m trying to work on my face-up, one dribble, take’em to the basket, my spin move. I mean, I kind of mixed my game up this year.

WPH: Talk about the strength and conditioning from last year to this year?

TS: Ohh yeah. Last year I would say it was tough with Charles but Wright Wayne, he really put it on us. I’m in the best shape I’ve been in since I’ve been at NC State and I think it’s going to show in our stamina, the way we run the floor and everything.

WPH: Is there going to be a much more up-tempo style would you say?

TS: Definitely, we’re going to have more energy. Coach Lowe wants us to be more of a running team. We’re going to get out of the half court set and we’re just looking to run.

WPH: What are some goals you set for yourself?

TS: I want to be a leader of the team. Everyone was watching me, seeing what I was going to do. So I just came in the gym on my off time and worked hard to prove that I can be all that I can be.

WPH: Does the chemistry seem better this year?

TS: Yeah. We’re all on the same page, we all bonded collectively as one. Everyone just wants to win.

WPH: Talk about the battles that have gone on down low with the bigs early in practice.

TS: DeShawn and Jordan just battle at practice, they go at each other hard. There’s even a couple of times where people are about to fight, but it’s all just competing and everybody just goes hard at practice.

WPH: Any of the young players surprise you?

TS: DeShawn really stands out to me. Richard when he was healthy, he really stood out, Scott can shoot the ball, Josh Davis he’s very athletic and Jordan, he could use a little work on the post and stuff but his defense is good.


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