Sunday, April 12, 2009

Fells, McCauley Finish Up at the P.I.T.

Saturday, after 2 very promising performances that had scouts buzzing, Courtney Fells failed to give a grand finale as he struggled from the feild going 1-14 and only scoring 2 points. His K&D Rounds Landscaping team did however win the consolation bracket by 2 points.

On the other end, Ben McCauley put up another solid showing as he dropped 12 points and grabbed up 4 boards, but his Porstmouth Sports Club team continued their losing ways as they fell to 0-3 in the Invitational.

Both of our former players gave good performances and certainly helped their draft stock. We'd again like to thank Courtney and Ben for their years of loyalty, hard work, and passion. They represented NC State well and we hope they continue to do so. We wish them good luck wherever they may land!

April 12, 2009


1 Response to "Fells, McCauley Finish Up at the P.I.T."
  1. ashley-eliz city said...
    April 13, 2009 at 12:35 AM

    i will really miss both of these guys,ben wasnt the most polished player,but he always played hard,and hopefully he'll be given the opportunity to play overseas, courtney always kept me guessing, i always anticipated that first shot of his in every game,i knew if it went in it,it was on. but if he missed it,it might be a long night. i think his future in basketball is just really getting started, he has crazy potential,just needs to get with the right people,whether it be 1 or 2 yrs overseas,or making it in a tryout for one of the nba teams,i believe will get to see a lot more of him in the near future'thanks for leaving me with all the memories of those down right nasty dunks,plus one play i'll never forget,against duke,when you blocked a shot and just palmed the ball between your wrist and hand,it was the most incredible block i've ever seen in my life,then you slung the ball downcourt and gavin slammed it home in cameron


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