Sunday, October 18, 2009

Dennis Horner: Media Day Interview


WPH: Can you talk about the transition for you in becoming a leader?

DH: These past couple years we’ve had seniors. We had three verbal guys who would step up and lead. This year its more of my turn and maybe some other guys too. I’ve always been a leader through my years playing basketball so it’s really not anything different.

WPH: You’re a guy that many said lead by example, have you shifted to being more verbal this season?

DH: I think so yeah. Maybe some guys are skipping some things and you’ve got to do this as a team, you’ve got to do that , so I think so.

WPH: How are things different from last year at this time?

DH: I think everyone works really hard on this team. Everyone wants to play well. Everyone has been in the gym working hard, so practices are more up-tempo. I guess that’s the style we’re going to be playing now, so it’s going to be good.

WPH: How are the coaches using you right now position wise?

DH: I’m at the four right now, but in Coach Lowe’s offense the four is still playing a little bit of ht wing too with the screen and pops, and the pick and pops. I might have the advantage of being on the outside with a guy that can’t move as quick as me or something.

WPH: What has been the biggest improvement in your game this off-season

DH: I’d like to think my physicality, since I put on weight and put on more muscle this year. I got rid of some bad body fat so I can get in there now and finish at the rim and get in there and bang around.

WPH: Coach keeps saying that you walk around with your shirt off more now. Any truth to that?

DH: Haha. No I don’t think so. He might just be noticing it more now cause I got a little bigger.


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